Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022 – Schedule, Teams, Broadcasting Rights and all Details

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Hello Guys, Welcome back once again to our new blog article. Today we will discuss about The Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022 which is ready to start from 14th August 2022 and the Final match to be played on 4th September 2022. This is the First Edition of Ultimate Kho Kho League and this Kho Kho league must become Famous in our country and nearby countries. In this article we will know about the Kho Kho Game First and after that we will discuss about the Tournament.

What is Kho Kho Game ?

Kho Kho is the oldest Game of India. It belongs to the tradition and Culture of India. The Kho Kho Game is inexpensive but enjoyable game of India. Its roots are as old as the epic Mahabharata, with plans and strategies likely derived from the epic itself. As the tale narrates, on the 13th day of the war, the Kaurava Guru Dronacharya planned the sole tactics ‘Chakravyuh’, a special military defensive plan broke by Abhimanyu.

The Asian Kho Kho Federation First Came into Existence in 1987 at the Time of 3rd SAF Games in India. Kho Kho got First International Credit in First Asian Championship in 1996 which was held in Calcutta. And Now the Country is all set to host a new Version of the Kho Kho Game, which is to be called as The Ultimate Kho Kho League.

Rules of Kho Kho Game

  • Kho Kho Game is to be played between 2 teams
  • There are 12 Players in Each team but only 9 players can compete on the field
  • Each Match contain 2 innings and Each innings has 9 minutes which includes chasing and running
  • The Chasing Team sits in a row in the middle of the court.
  • The Eight Players of Chasing Team sits in opposite direction of one another, one after one
  • The chasing team tries to finish an inning as quickly as possible
  • If the chaser is looking to pass the baton to team mate, he must yell Kho and tap on the back of the team mate to give them a chance to chase.
  • The Team which take the shortest time to touch the player chased, will be the winner
  • The runner of the game is decided by Toss
  • The Team which score more in both innings will win the Match

Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022

Ultimate Kho Kho is promoted by the Chairman of Dabur India, Amit Burman in collaboration with the Kho Kho Federation of India. The first season of the tournament featuring six teams will take place in the Badminton Hall at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Pune, Maharashtra.

With a tailor-made exciting format, the country’s first-ever franchise-based Kho-Kho league will present a visual spectacle for the fans as two matches will be played each day during the league stage of the tournament. The Live broadcast will start at 7 pm onwards.

Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022 Teams

  1. Mumbai Khiladis
  2. Chennai Quick Guns
  3. Telugu Yoddhas
  4. Odisha Juggernauts
  5. Rajasthan Warriors
  6. Gujrat Giants

Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022 Schedule

In the inaugural edition of the Ultimate Kho Kho, a total of 34 matches will be played during the league stage. Two matches will be played per day. The knockout matches will be played in an exciting playoff format which will consist of qualifier and eliminator matches.

14th Aug: Mumbai Khiladis Vs  Gujarat Giants

14th Aug: Chennai Quick Guns Vs Telugu Yoddhas

15th Aug: Rajasthan Warriors Vs Mumbai Khiladis

15th Aug: Odisha Juggernauts  Vs Chennai Quick Guns

16th Aug: Telugu Yoddhas Vs Rajasthan Warriors

16th Aug: Gujarat Giants Vs Odisha Juggernauts

17th Aug: Gujarat Giants Vs Mumbai Khiladis

17th Aug: Telugu Yoddhas Vs Chennai Ouick Guns

19th Aug: Rajasthan Warriors Vs Odisha Juggernauts

19th Aug: Mumbai Khiladis Vs Chennai Quick Guns

21st Aug: Odisha Juggernauts VS Gujarat Giants

21st Aug: Rajasthan Warriors Vs Telugu Yoddhas

23rd Aug: Telugu Yoddhas Vs Mumbai Khiladis

23rd Aug: Gujarat Giants Vs Chennai Ouick Guns

24th Aug Chennai Ouick Guns Vs Odisha Juggernauts

24th Aug: Mumbai Khiladis Vs Rajasthan Warriors

25th Aug: Odisha Juggernauts Vs Rajasthan Warriors

25th Aug: Gujarat Giants Vs Telugu Yoddhas

26th Aug: Chennai Quick Guns Vs Gujarat Giants

26th Aug: Mumbai Khiladis Vs Telugu Yoddhas

27th Aug: Rajasthan Warriors Vs Chennai Quick Guns

27th Aug: Odisha Juggernauts Vs Mumbai Khiladis

28th Aug: Odisha Juggernauts Vs Telugu Yoddhas

28th Aug: Rajasthan Warriors Vs Gujarat Giants

29th Aug: Chennai Quick Guns Vs Mumbai Khiladis

29th Aug: Telugu Yoddhas Vs Gujarat Giants

30th Aug: Mumbai Khiladis Vs Odisha Juggernauts

30th Aug: Chennai Quick Guns Vs Rajasthan Warriors

31st Aug: Gujarat Giants Vs Rajasthan Warriors

31st Aug: Telugu Yoddhas Vs Odisha Juggernauts

2nd Sep: Eliminator

2nd Sep: Qualifier 1

3rd Sep: Qualifier 2

4th Sep:  Final

Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022 Broadcasting Rights

The Broadcasting Rights of the Ultimate Kho Kho League 2022 has given to Sony Sports Network. You can watch Live Matches of The Kho Kho League on TV at Ten3 (Hindi), Ten1 and Ten4 from 7:00 PM. You Can also Watch the live match of Kho Kho game on Sony Liv app in your Smartphone

The Free Method to watch Ultimate Kho Kho is that you can watch the match on Jio TV app which is available for Jio Users Free of Cost. If you are not a Jio Customer and still you want to watch Kho Kho League Live for Free than you can get the app from the link below.



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