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Friends, as you all know that the biggest festival of cricket lovers is going to start in a few days or whatever you do that has already started. All the cricket lovers are very excited about this. Because he wants to see his favorite player and team play. And the craze of IPL is so much that people of all ages like to watch it. Whether it is a 9 year old child or a 19 year old youth or 60 year old uncle. Everyone is interested in IPL. And keep it, why not all the players in this league win the hearts of all the audience with their performance. The next 2 months are going to be very excited for the cricket lovers, right now you will only hear the waves of cricket in the streets. From school to barbershop, you will hear only discussions of cricket.

And this time IPL is going to be full of excitement because after 2 seasons IPL is going to be completely in India. Let us tell you that due to Corona for the last 2 years, IPL was being played in Dubai. In such a situation, they were not able to go to the stadium and watch the IPL. But after a very long wait, IPL is finally going to happen in India. And all cricket lovers would like to go to the stadium and enjoy cricket.

But friends, some such people come there that they cannot go to the stadium, either the stadium is too far or they cannot afford that much money. In such a situation, the best solution for them is to watch BPL on their phone or television. And all of you would like to watch IPL on your phone or on television without any hindrance. So in today’s article I am going to tell you all from where you can watch IPL

IPL 2022 Teams

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Punjab Kings
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Gujrat Titans
  • Lucknow Super Giants
  • Rajasthan Royals

IPL 2022 Schedule

Match NoMatch CentreDateTime (IST)Venue
1KKR Vs KKR26-Mar-227:30 PMMumbai
2SRH Vs RR27-Mar-227:30 PMMumbai
3GT Vs RCB28-Mar-227:30 PMMumbai
4DC Vs MI29-Mar-227:30 PMMumbai
5LSG Vs PBKS30-Mar-227:30 PMMumbai
6KKR Vs SRH31-Mar-227:30 PMMumbai
7RR Vs DC01-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
8RCB Vs MI02-Apr-223:30 PMMumbai
9LSG Vs GT02-Apr-227:30 PMPune
10PBKS Vs CSK03-Apr-223:30 PMMumbai
11SRH Vs RCB03-Apr-227:30 PMPune
12MI Vs GT04-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
13DC Vs KKR05-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
14CSK Vs RCB06-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
15SRH Vs PBKS07-Apr-223:30 PMMumbai
16RR Vs KKR08-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
17LSG Vs DC09-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
18GT Vs CSK09-Apr-223:30 PMPune
19DC Vs SRH10-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
20RCB Vs RR10-Apr-223:30 PMPune
21MI Vs LSG11-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
22KKR Vs GT12-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
23PBKS Vs RR13-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
24MI Vs CSK14-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
25KKR Vs RCB15-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
26DC Vs PBKS16-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
27SRH Vs MI16-Apr-223:30 PMPune
28RR Vs GT17-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
29CSK Vs LSG17-Apr-223:30 PMPune
30DC Vs RCB18-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
31LSG Vs CSK19-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
32GT Vs SRH20-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
33KKR Vs PBKS21-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
34RR Vs MI22-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
35RCB Vs LSG23-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
36GT Vs DC23-Apr-223:30 PMPune
37MI Vs PBKS24-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
38RR Vs LSG24-Apr-223:30 PMPune
39CSK Vs SRH25-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
40DC Vs GT26-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
41SRH Vs KKR27-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
42CSK Vs RR28-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
43LSG Vs MI29-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
44GT Vs KKR30-Apr-227:30 PMMumbai
45SRH Vs DC30-Apr-223:30 PMPune
46RCB Vs PBKS01-May-227:30 PMMumbai
47KKR Vs CSK01-May-223:30 PMPune
48MI Vs DC02-May-227:30 PMMumbai
49RCB Vs GT03-May-227:30 PMMumbai
50PBKS Vs LSG04-May-227:30 PMMumbai
51RR Vs CSK05-May-227:30 PMMumbai
52PBKS Vs MI06-May-227:30 PMMumbai
53SRH Vs LSG07-May-227:30 PMMumbai
54RR Vs RCB08-May-227:30 PMMumbai
55CSK Vs DC08-May-223:30 PMPune
56GT Vs PBKS09-May-227:30 PMMumbai
57MI Vs SRH10-May-227:30 PMMumbai
58RCB Vs KKR11-May-227:30 PMMumbai
59PBKS Vs DC12-May-227:30 PMMumbai
60GT Vs RR13-May-227:30 PMMumbai
61KKR Vs MI14-May-227:30 PMMumbai
62LSG Vs SRH14-May-223:30 PMPune
63PBKS Vs RCB15-May-227:30 PMMumbai
64CSK Vs GT15-May-223:30 PMMumbai
65LSG Vs KKR16-May-227:30 PMMumbai
66MI Vs RR17-May-227:30 PMMumbai
67PBKS Vs SRH18-May-227:30 PMMumbai
68DC Vs LSG19-May-227:30 PMMumbai
69RCB Vs CSK20-May-227:30 PMMumbai
70KKR Vs RR21-May-227:30 PMMumbai
71Qualifier-122-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad
72Eliminator24-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad
73Qualifier-2 27-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad
74FINAL29-May-227:30 PMAhmedabad

Star Sports

Friends, if you want to watch the match on television, then it has the legal broadcasting rights, you will get to see the live broadcast of IPL on Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3, Star Sports 4. Here you will get to watch IPL in different languages, in whatever language you want to watch IPL, Hindi English Telugu, you will get to see commentary on your language.


Friends If you want to watch IPL on mobile, then its broadcasting is legal right with Hotstar. You have to subscribe to watch IPL on Hotstar. And on Hotstar you will get to watch IPL in all languages ​​without any hiccups. So let’s know about Hotstar’s plans:

First comes the plane of ₹ 499 / year

This plane has been running for a long time. And the price of this plan used to be 399 earlier. At present, its price is 499, in which you get to see all the content. You can watch movies, live sports, TV serials, everything here.

Second comes the plan of ₹ 899 / year

This plane comes under the category of super plane and here too you can watch all the content comfortably. Also, you can enjoy this thing on TV or laptop here too. Not only this, friends, you are allowed to log in on two devices here. But as before, you will not get to see ads in TV serials and movies here, but you will have ads here in LiveSport.

Third comes ₹ 1499 / year plan

This is the premium plan of Hotstar and is the most expensive plan. And you were also provided royal benefit here by Hotstar. Here you get all the features mentioned in the rest of the two.

New ₹ 99 plan

Meanwhile, Hotstar also came with its new plan i.e. ₹ 99 plan. And this is absolutely right because in this plane you get to see 3 months subscription. But friends, this plane is not visible in everyone’s mobile right now. But maybe in 10 or 20 days this plane will be shown in everyone’s mobile.

New ₹ 49 plan

Friends, this is also a trial plan from Hotstar. Which is being shown in the mobile of new mobile users and new Hotstar members who have not yet logged in. Here you get 1 month Hotstar subscription for just ₹ 49. That is, you can easily enjoy IPL for 1 month, by going to Hotstar. Yes friends, this plane is a very good plan.

To install this app click on the install button below;

If the above isn’t working than try another app from Here

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Narendra · March 26, 2022 at 2:14 pm

Please give me ipl app

    Raj Bhai · March 30, 2022 at 7:12 am

    download from the install button

Ramesh · March 27, 2022 at 10:29 am

Mera dimag ek achcha aur bahut vyavharik dhang ka hai mere ko dekhne ka hai re baba IPL

    Ramesh · March 27, 2022 at 10:30 am

    IPL dekhna hai mere ko

Santhosh · April 1, 2022 at 8:19 am

Enjoy and happiness

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