Which course can I do after 10th?

10th grade After passing you have three main subjects out of which you have to choose one. This topic is as follows:

  • The first subject is Science
  • The second subject is Arts
  • The third subject is commerce

After passing the 10th class exam, the biggest problem of the students is that what to do after 10th class And which course to do after 10th? During studies, this is such a stage in which the decision taken has an effect for the whole life.

Those whose parents are educated, they already keep planning for their child, but here comes one more thing that what is the interest of the child, it matters a lot.

They have to take the decision that in which field the child can do well and in which subjects he is more interested, he can choose the course of his interest on the basis of that.

Whether you are a student or a guardian, in this post you will be told what to do after high school And we will give complete information about which is the best course.

Which course can I do after 10th?

When a child passes the tenth examination, then the time comes when they can take their decision about their favorite career.

That is, for what a student wants to become, he starts his studies only after the tenth because studies up to 10th are common for every student and even if the student is of any state or board, everyone studies till the matriculation. Is same.

After passing matriculation, do 10+2 for intermediate. That is, both 11th and 12th classes have to be done in the country and for both, 1-1 year time is given i.e. intermediate is of 2 years.

Although many types of courses are done after 10th, but mainly there are only three subjects in 10+2.

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts

Science after 10th

After tenth, most of the students are interested in taking science subject. Science is most preferred in terms of making a better career. If a child wants to become a scientist, doctor or engineer, then he has to choose science.

Anyway, most of the children are afraid of maths and science and they are not interested in it, but for the children who are very good in these subjects, science is very interesting subject and important to make a career.

There are currently two different streams to study within science. Extreme engineering leads to the line in which it is necessary to study mathematics. Whereas the second stream is used to make a career in the medical sector and it is compulsory to study biology in it.

There are 3 streams to study within Science:

1. PCM – Physics, Chemistry & Math
2. PCB – Physics, Chemistry & Biology
3. General – Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology

The first stream in this is selected by those children who mainly want to do engineering. Completely Mathematics course is done in engineering, whereas there is no work of biology in it.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the subject of Mathematics along with Physics and Chemistry.

In this you are seeing that Physics Chemistry is common everywhere in the list i.e. it is necessary to study both these subjects because they are used again and again in every field of science.

The second stream in this is for those who want to go to the medical line. Therefore, it is necessary to study biology along with physics chemistry.

How are there some kids who choose both Mathematics and Biology subjects. The reason for this is that he is trying to find any line from both engineering and medical in which he can make his career.

However, studying these two subjects becomes very difficult. Because apart from these, one has to study physics and chemistry, due to which the load of children also increases.

subjects taught in science

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Biology
  • english
  • Economics
  • Computer Science

The child taking science should understand well that it is better to study this subject in English because when going to engineering or medical line, all the subjects are in English, so science is also not kept in English in general.

The children who pass the 10th examination from the state board, their English is not good, due to which they have a lot of trouble in studying science.

But let me tell you that you find it difficult for the first few months but then you start to understand everything.

If I talk about myself, I am also one of the students studied in Hindi medium and I have done mechanical engineering as well as I have also done job in automobile sector for 5 years.

In general, there are five subjects in total in 12th class. Whatever stream you take PCM, PCB, if you follow my advice with this, then take English and Computer Science subjects.

By taking English, you will benefit that your English will become good and you can bring your 90+ marks in Computer Science.

Benefits of taking science after 10th

  1. It is true that an average student runs away from science but when you start taking interest in it then science seems like a very fun subject. It makes you smarter, intelligent and progressive.
  2. If we study subjects like physics and chemistry, then it enhances the understanding of the effects of them, their causes and the effect on the environment due to them.
  3. Science is progressing in which new inventions keep happening all the time. Because of this, it helps people to find the treatment of many diseases and bring it to the people.
  4. Science teaches us all to work in many ways, due to which we do not get so bored.
  5. Science also gives information about everything from the human body to the twinkling stars of the sky and we all know about these things through this.
  6. Science means discoveries and new inventions. It tells us how we can use the resources around us for our life.

Commerce after 10th

After passing tenth, commerce is one such subject which is preferred by the students. Children who consider science difficult, they go and choose commerce.

Apart from this, those who want to work in the field of Banking, Business, Finance choose commerce subject.

A large number of students dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant ie CA, for them commerce is useful.

Students studying in the field of commerce after graduation MBA They also do courses in MBA etc. and then like to do jobs in the field of management.

Apart from this, after taking this stream, the banking sector is the best for the job.

Benefits of taking commerce after 10th

  • If you pass your matriculation exam and after that take commerce then you get many benefits.
  • Commerce gives a great option to people who are interested in the subject related to the account and who like the work related to it.
  • This subject is very much liked by the people who are making their hold in the field of commerce and it is completely dedicated on this.
  • There are many career options in this too.
  • To become a Chartered Accountant, it is necessary to take commerce.

Subjects taught in commerce

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Accountancy
  • english

Arts after 10th

There are many children who don’t science I am not interested, nor do such children study arts after passing tenth in commerce.

The children who have less marks in the tenth exam, they choose this subject. It is considered the easiest to study.

Apart from all this, children who like literature subjects (like languages ​​like Hindi, English, etc.), lawyers, psychologists, history, politics, etc., choose this subject and study it.

There are many government jobs that one can join after studying any of these three subjects. But before that you have to pass the competitive exam.

How to prepare for competitive exam We have already written an article about this, which you can read from here.

Indian Postal Service, Indian Railway, staff selection commission, IBPSThere are many such departments in which you can sit for the examination and if you qualify it then you also get a job.

In all these exams, you are asked 10th level maths questions, for which you will have to study Aptitude, Reasoning, English etc.

Benefits of doing arts after 10th

  • Students studying in the field of arts have all kinds of opportunities.
  • Leaving just a few opportunities, there are opportunities to do all kinds of jobs and courses related to studies under it.
  • One of the many types of courses is the course of event management in which one can do a diploma degree course.
  • By studying under this, you learn and get stronger in creative skills, team spirit, time management and management skills etc.
  • Apart from this, the students related to this subject are very fond of writing in the department and later they also make their name as a writer.
  • There is a restriction for those studying science and commerce that if you have chosen this subject then you have to study in this field.
  • On the other hand, if we talk about arts, then students have a huge group of options in which groups can go to any field.

Subjects Taught in Arts

  • Hindi
  • english
  • History
  • Urdu
  • Sanskrit
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Economics

Diploma (Polytechnic) after 10th

You must have heard about your junior engineering, that is, engineering which is done on the basis of 10th level.

10th pass students can also join engineering college to do diploma, children whose number is more than 60 percent, they can do diploma course in any branch.

Polytechnic is a professional course i.e. after doing this course, the student can join the company and do a job. Initially, he is kept in the company as a Diploma Technical Trainee.

Training is given for 1 to 2 years in different companies. After this, on the basis of performance, they are also given the post of Junior Engineer.

Not only can you do a job by doing a diploma in engineering, apart from this, if you want, you can also do B Tech.

For this, they have to take admission to get a degree in engineering college and they get admission in second year which we also know as lateral entry.

For more information about Polytechnic, read our article What is Polytechnic and how to do it.

branch of polytechnic

  • Automobile Engg
  • Mechanical Engg.
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engg
  • Civil Engg

ITI after 10th

After passing the tenth examination, many girls aspires to get a job as soon as possible.

It is often seen that the people of the middle class family whose financial condition is not good, they want their child to pass the tenth examination and do some such studies so that he can get a job soon and earn money as soon as possible.

Centers of Industrial Training Institutes have been set up in almost every part of the country so that students can be educated and then they can get jobs for themselves.

By the way, you can do ITI course even after passing 8th, but it is better that you must study till 10th.

ITI trades

  1. welder
  2. electrician
  3. Plumber
  4. Foundry Man
  5. Wireman
  6. Turner
  7. moulder
  8. Network Technician
  9. computer hardware mechanic

in short

When boys and girls pass the matriculation exam, they are very worried about the fact that tenth what to do after And choose which subject for them which will be better.

They are not capable of taking such a decision, this is the reason why guardians should also support their children and talk to them about what field they are interested in and what they like to read.

The subject in which the child is interested, he also enjoys studying in it and at the same time he also likes to work hard. But the subject in which children are not interested, then they do not feel like studying.

That’s why we also told through this post that Which course can I do after 10th?, I hope you have got the answers of all your questions through this post. And I also hope that you liked this post.

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