What is Instagram and how does it work

Do you know What is Instagram (What is instagram in Hindi). Also know that How to use it in Hindi?

Recently when I was enjoying the beauty of Shimla, I heard this from my friend’s mouth ‘Brother xcz take photos to put on Instagram’. And that’s when I first learned something about Instagram. My friend told me that Instagram was introduced and also told how to use it.

You must have wondered how a 21 year old boy living in the world of 2018 can remain ignorant of Instagram. But I would like to tell you that due to being busy in connection with work and studies, I am not able to give much time to social media.

I am sure there will be many more people like me who are completely ignorant of Instagram. The reasons can be anything, but friends, through this post I will tell you today what is Instagram.

You will get all the details and facts about it in this post. Now without wasting much time, let’s go What is Instagram (What is Instagram in Hindi),

What is Instagram (What is instagram in Hindi)?

Instagram It is a social networking website and application with the help of which you can stay close to your loved ones even when you are away. Through this app or website, you can share photos, videos with people.

One of the specialties of this social media site is that you can make your photos and videos more beautiful by applying different types of filters.

Apart from this, it is considered more secure than other social networking sites because none of them can save your photo.

Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Sitrom and Mike Krieger. After this, in 2012 this application was bought by Facebook Corporation.

Since then, various changes have been brought in Instagram. The Instagram of 2010 was much simpler than the Instagram of today. Earlier only 15 second video clip could be inserted in it. After the new updates, the duration of the video clip has also been increased.

Instagram is also a good tool to increase the scope of business. With its help, you can reach your services to the people. In other simple words, we can also say that with the help of Instagram, everyone can make their own identity. People can walk on the path of success by creating a page related to their skills on it.

How does Instagram work?

To use Instagram, you first have to create an account with the help of www.instagram.com or Instagram’s application. After the account is created, the page for filling your profile details opens.

After filling the profile details correctly, you can follow your favorite celebrity, friend, or anyone else.

You can also share your username with others. With this, those people can also follow you back. After following, now you can also see each other’s posts, photos, videos and stories. You can understand this by taking the example of Facebook.

Just like sending a request to Facebook and being accepted makes you a friend, in the same way you have to do to your friends on Instagram.

If your friend’s account is private then he will have to accept your follow request. And if his account is general then you can easily follow him without sending any request.

You can also set your account on private mode by going to Settings. But remember that if you do this, then your photo, post or hashtag will never show in the trending section of Instagram, no matter how many likes you earn on your post. Apart from this, whenever anyone wants to follow you, you will get a request, which if you accept, then only he will be able to follow you.

If we talk about likes, then like people react to posts on Facebook, in the same way posts can be liked on this platform too. For this, you can like it by touching the small heart emoji made under the photo. Apart from this, you can also like a photo by tapping it twice.

Just as the popularity of a photo is determined by the likes, in the same way the views of a video matter. The more views, the more trending videos.

However, you can also like a video by double tapping it. You can also give your opinion on a photo or video someone has uploaded. This is called commenting in the English language. Along with this, people can also comment on your photo. And if you want to stop commenting on any of your posts, then you can easily do so by going to the options. If you like any post or photo then you can share it.

If you want to use Instagram correctly and safely, only follow people you know personally.

Today every social media application is full of fake accounts. In such a situation, by following any unknown account, you can also get into a dilemma. If you have followed a lot of unknown people then don’t panic.

You can unfollow them easily. Go to the profile of the account you want to unfollow and you will see an unfollow button, by which you can easily unfollow it.

What is an explore page?

Click on the magnifying lens icon to open the Explore page. In the Explore section, you get to see videos and photos of your choice. Instagram is in the Explore section according to the preferences of its users. It is not necessary that you be in the follow list shown in this section. These are some selected posts from all over the world which are trending.

What is Instagram Stories?

If you are a Snapchat user, then you must be familiar with Snapchat Stories. Instagram Stories are also similar to Snapchat Stories. Actually, short status updates of stories are visible to people only for 24 hours. After that these updates are automatically deleted.

If you travel anywhere and see a scene that you want to put directly on your Instagram, Stories is a great option. Plus, it has the advantage that these photos or videos will never be shown on your timeline. In other words, these photos will be permanently deleted for 24 hours.

Who owns Instagram?

The owner of Instagram is Mark Zuckerberg.

Instagram is a very big social media company that has gained popularity in a very short time. The popularity of Instagram is very high mainly among the youth.

More information about Instagram Hindiadvisor It is written in which you can get information from it by reading it.

How much money do you have to pay to join Instagram?

This is a question that every middle class Indian asks before joining any platform. If I talk about myself, then I also asked the same question to my friend while creating an account on Instagram.

Instagram is a free platform, for which you are not charged even a single rupee for joining. There are no in-app purchases in this, so you can be completely sure about the money. Yes, I want to tell you one more thing. To become famous on Instagram, some people try to increase their followers.

For this, they resort to some such websites and applications which charge money for promotion from them. This method of increasing followers is completely wrong. Doing so can also put the account in danger. The reason for hacking and data leakage is some such shortcuts. People knowingly or unknowingly make such mistakes and due to this they lose their account forever.

So if you ask for money to promote your account, then never give it. Apart from this, if you want to increase the followers then always choose the genuine and right method.

How can I edit my photo or video?

One of the many features of Instagram is that you can apply different types of filters and stickers to your photo or video while uploading it. Also you can change the following things to edit your photo:

What is Instagram?
  • brightness
  • Contrast
  • Structure
  • adjust
  • worth
  • Saturation
  • color
  • fed
  • Highlight
  • shadow
  • Visionet
  • tilt shift
  • sharpen

But remember that you can apply these features and filters only on the photo. You can use any of these filters on the video.

Apart from this, you can also put multiple photos in the post. So on Instagram you can put all your photos in one post without crowding the photos.

If you want to see multiple pictures of someone, then tap once on the dot below the photo. The next photo will appear on your screen.

What is Instagram Boomerang?

Launched by Instagram, Boomerang is an application that lets you create a mini video.

Its special thing is that it captures many photos in fast burst mode instead of video, which together they look like a video. This video is of few seconds and it repeats itself.

That is, after the video is played, it starts playing again from the beginning, which gives a wonderful view.

What is Instagram Hyperlapse?

Instagram is also the father of Hyperlps app. With the help of this application, you can make time-lapse videos. A time-lapse video is a video in which a long interval of time is shown in a very short time. We often get to see such videos on Discovery, National Geographical Channel and Animal Planet.

Many times you must have seen the complete movement of the Mimosa (Not in Touch) plant in a short video. Apart from this, if you have seen the baby of an animal growing up in a short video, then you are well aware of the meaning of time-lapse video.

how to use instagram in hindi

Instagram is a very popular social media site. But there are still many people who do not use it, rather they still use Facebook and WhatsApp. It was launched in 2010 and is available in around 25 languages. So let’s know how to use it.

  • install the app
  • create Account
  • choose friends and follow
  • Review home tab
  • View the search page through the magnifying glass
  • View your account activity with the heart icon
  • View your own account with the account icon
  • Share photos and videos with plus icon

Where to download Instagram application?

You can download Instagram application directly from playstore. Similarly, iPhone users can also download this application from the application market given in their phone. Apart from this, you can also download this application by visiting the official website of Instagram and clicking on the given download link and redirected to Playstore.

in short

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We hope that now you will be able to use Instagram easily. Make sure to pass this information to your close friends and family members as well so that they also know what Instagram is and how it works.