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On the coming January 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to launch his new scheme, about which he had said in detail in his 2015 speech at Red Fort. That important Start-up India Stand-up India scheme Start-up India, Stand- Will be known as up India.

startup india standup india scheme in hindi

Startup India Standup India

Startup India Standup India Purpose Startup India standup India In Hindi

This is mainly a scheme under which incentives will be given by the government to start new small and big industries, in which loan facility, proper guidance and favorable environment etc. have been included. Under this, necessary skill development training will also be given.

  1. Mudra Loan Bank Scheme
  2. Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme

The main objective of the Start Up India Stand Up India scheme is to promote entrepreneurship, which will increase employment opportunities in the country. This scheme was handed over to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) for smooth running of the scheme. DIPP studied it in detail to implement the first phase of the scheme, a policy framework has been prepared after talking to several stakeholders.

Recently, in his radio talk show Mann Ki Baat, Modi ji told about Start Up India Stand Up India and urged the youth to join it.

Form made by the government:

  • Employment Opportunities:

According to the latest NASSCOM Start up 2015 report, 65,000 new jobs are being created through start ups from 2014 to 20 and it is expected that this figure will increase to 2,50,000 for jobs if this first stop performs as expected. There will be more places. At present it is completely driven by the private sector.

  • International Investment Criteria:

It is also the criteria of international business that India is a very good place in terms of investment, they have also included India in their investment list in the form of innovation and creativity. International investment in start ups has performed exceedingly well in the last three years which seemed impossible till five years ago.

  • Main objective of the scheme:

Prime Minister Modi has prepared a suitable framework for the latest and creative work for the youth of the country in due time, under which they will be given financial help and tax exemption will also be given. This is a better time chosen by the government, under which the latest creative works will be nurtured by the government. The main objective of the government is that the people living in small towns and villages get maximum benefit of this start up.

  • Other contributions of the government:

In this direction, the government will work closely with DIPP to evaluate the proposals on a capacity basis. Under which representatives of various ministries like Biotechnology, Science and Technology, Information Technology will be involved who will support DIPP as a special panel.

The panel formed will ensure whether the work to be done is doable and equal to the capacity of the candidate. Along with this, it will also be seen whether financial assistance is being made available easily and in less time.

  • Proper guidance and protection:

According to the plan of the government, the youth of the country will be connected with the network of higher educational institutions of the country like IITs, IIMs etc. so that they get proper guidance. With this, the youth of the country will get better knowledge and experience by coming to the network of all these big universities and other industrial areas, which will protect them.

Possible problems with planning:

  1. Till now no proper start up rule and exit provision has been made.
  2. Funding given in Startup India Standup India depends on the risk of that work and the criteria of ability to perform it. The biggest problem for a start up is money which can be given without any big guarantee. The biggest hurdle for public sector banks to work in this direction is the existing rules which need to be changed so that the bank and other panels can approve the loan easily.
  3. Many start ups fail due to market condition, entry timing etc. and due to this the examples of failure are more visible whereas it is a fact that any big industrialist moves towards success only after failure, so it is necessary that start up Do not get discouraged by the failure of the youth and keep the courage to keep moving forward in the youth, for which the government needs to give proper guidance to encourage them.
  4. Most of the talents for start ups are found in small towns and villages, but at present, connecting them successfully with these is a big challenge. Once the start-up starts properly, then people of small towns and villages should be connected to it, which is a big problem because many people here are still technically very weak to run the computer properly.
  5. Lack of government investors is also a big hurdle. People will lack experience in the paper work to be done for the start up, for that too they need to be given proper protection.
  6. The biggest obstacle in this entire start up India stand up India has been experienced, for which it is necessary that a large number of youth are involved with this work, who have sufficient understanding of technical knowledge.
  7. To make this Start Up India Stand Up India successful, it is necessary that the government should start some training program and train the people in the right direction.

Startup India Standup India is a very good effort through which employment opportunities will increase in the country and the country will move forward rapidly. For the success of this work, it is very important to connect with its villages and small towns because most of the population of the country is the same and there is the biggest shortage of employment in these places.

As mentioned by the state government, the Startup India Yatra organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry was officially launched in Chhattisgarh on July 30. Its first boot camp was organized in Raipur, and the next was organized in Bilaspur. The place chosen for this is Government Engineering College. Apart from this, other such camps will also be organized in engineering and polytechnic colleges only. Korba, Surguja, Raigad, Koriya, Jashpur, Rajnandgaon, Balod, Balodabazar, Durg, Kondagaon, Dhamtari, Jagdalpur, Dantewada and Kanker are other places in the state where this startup travel van will travel in the coming days.

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