Best Free apps for Students for Online Studies

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Hello Guys, Welcome back to our new blog article. In this article we will discuss about the best free apps for students for online studies. As you know, online studies is must needed thing for today’s students. After the Lockdown, lots of Students prefer to study online, but if you want to study online, you have to pay for the subscription of the app. So, don’t worry for that, we will discuss about the free apps where you can study online and can solve your doubts and questions for free.

After the Lockdown, when lots of online apps had been launched, students are quite confused that where to study. There are lots of Online Coaching classes where you can study online but for that you have to pay for their monthly or yearly subscription. If you are finding something different, an app which can solve your problems for free. Later on this article, we will discuss about the apps where you can study online for free.

Best Free apps for Online Studies

There are lots of apps available in the Play Store, but the maximum apps are paid. To find a free app is very tough. In this article, we will focus on apps for Students up to class 12. If you are studying in a CBSE, ICSE board or a board which follows NCERT pattern, than this article will definitely help you. Let’s talk about the apps.

NCERT Books & Solution

NCERT Books & Solution is one of the best app where you can study online and clear your doubts . This app is available for free in the Play Store. It is a free app where you can download and read offline any NCERT Books and its solutions, Notes, previous year papers with solutions & watch best Youtube videos tutorials.

In this app you can study books and solutions for RS Aggarwal , RD Sharma, HC Verma & All Exemplar solutions. You will also get sample papers & previous Year Papers of CBSE Board 10 & 12, as well as Ncert Notes of class 6 to 12. So this app is all in one package for online studies. You can download the app from here.

NCERT Books , NCERT Solutions by Mukesh Kaushik

Here’s the Second app for You and i am saying, this app is the best app for you where you will get everything. In this app you can study all types of books of class 1 to 12 of all boards. This app have notes and solutions for all subjects and everything is available for Free. If you are preparing for any competitive examination, than this app will help you as this app has dedicated sections for competitive exams papers

This App contains all NCERT Book from Class 1 to 12 in English ,Hindi & Urdu in PDF format which can used in OFFLINE mode also. In this app you will also get CBSE, NEET, JEE, CISCE important content that are required by students. The all in one app for the students for online studies. You can download the app by clicking Here.

NCERT Books & NCERT Solutions

Here’s the third app in the list. This have downloads over more that 1 million downloads and rated for 4.2 in google Play Store. This app will help you out in your online studies. This NCERT app contains NCERT Books, NCERT Solutions, NCERT Syllabus, NCERT Notes, Exemplars, NCERT Hindi Books, NCERT Notifications and also CBSE Books and Solutions for all subjects.

The NCERT Books App also contains all the NCERT Textbook Solutions in both Hindi and English, Reference Books, NCERT Notes, and Other Study Materials. The app is easy to use and contains no ad. You can try this app by downloading by clicking here.

CBSE Class 1 to 8 All Solution

If you are studying in CBSE board, than this app can help you. In this app you will get study material for Class 1 to class 8. In this app, you have to download the books and solution as per your need and after that you can study anytime without internet. All books for class up to 8th, you will get everything as per your requirements.

CBSE Class 1 to 8 NCERT Books and Solutions – Science, Maths, English, Social Science, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu Sample Question Papers and Question Banks with Solutions for last year Papers. In this app your will get CBSE Latest Syllabus, NCERT Textbooks & Solutions, and NCERT Exemplars. You can try the app from Here.

CBSE class 6-12 all Materials

So Here is the last app of our list. CBSE class 6-12 all material is a online study app in which you will get study materials for CBSE board students for class 6 to 12. In this app you will get NCERT Textbooks for class 6 to 12 . Accessing features of this NCERT Textbook App is completely free of cost.

This App contains CBSE notes PDF, NCERT textbook PDF , class 10 and 12 Board Papers PDF and NCERT Textbook Solutions for class 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12 . You can try this app by downloading the app from Here.


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