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If you want to download any app from play store and you are not getting that app on play store but you still need that app. In such cases you need a alternative of Google Play Store through which you can download all the apps. In the alternative app of Google Play Store you won’t have to pay for any app.

Aurora Store APK

Aurora Store is a free utility mobile app that functions as an alternative to Google Play Store. Developed by Rahul Kumar Patel, this open-source app allows you to download APKs without needing a Google Play account. It also lets you control your apps with more in-depth settings than what your default apps usually offer.

For one, there’s no need for a Google account at all—unless you want to download paid apps. Google Play Store will always enforce this as its services contain ads at times—and sadly, it often has spyware that collects your data. This alternative app is a mirror of the Play Store but it doesn’t require any of your information. Plus, it supports spoofing and rooting of your device. Another helpful feature is the ability to control your installation method and even download older versions of apps.

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