Whatsapp Reaction Feature : How to Enable/Disable Whatsapp Reaction Feature

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Hello Guys, Welcome to our new Blog. As of now whatsapp is providing new features day by day. Recently Whatsapp has rolled out its reaction feature. As like Instagram, you can react to any message in Whatsapp also. Lots of users has got this feature and lot more didn’t got the whatsapp reaction feature. So in this article, we will discuss about whatsapp reaction feature and and the process to enable or disable this feature.

What is Whatsapp Reaction Feature

On 5th May 2022, Meta Owned Instant messaging app, whatsapp has rolled out a new feature called whatsapp reaction feature through which you can react to anyone’s message in from of emoji. This feature is already available in Instagram and all users like this feature and it was most awaited feature in whatsapp. Through this feature, people can reply to anyone’s message without writing a text in form of emoji. Many people like this feature and many don’t like this feature. Later on this article we will tell you the method to turn this feature off.

How to react to messages on whatsapp

  • Download the latest version of whatsapp from Google Play Store
  • Open Whatsapp
  • Open anyone’s chat
  • Long tap on the message, you want to react
  • After that you will get some emoji options
  • Select the emoji, you want to react to that message
  • This feature is same as is instagram

How to Enable Whatsapp Reaction Feature

If you are getting some unsupported messages in whatsapp and you have heard about whatsapp reaction . If you have not got the whatsapp new reaction feature in your app than first of all update your existing whatsapp version to the latest version from the play store. After updating the new version, check whether the feature in enabled or not. If not go to the whatsapp settings and than notifications. Enable the “Reaction Notifications” in the notifications settings.

How to disable whatsapp Reaction feature

If you don’t like whatsapp reaction feature and want to turned it off. You can do it with 2 ways. Firstly by turning off the Reaction Notifications in Whatsapp notifications settings, through this you won’t get the reactions notifications as those notifications can irritate you and can disturb you frequently.

The permanent option to disable this feature is to use the old version of whastapp. If you have updated whatapp to the latest version and you have got the whatsapp reaction feature than you can disable it by uninstalling whatsapp and installing the old version of whatsapp. You can download the app from the above link.

That’s All for this article, hope this article helped you understanding Whatsapp Reaction feature and the process to enable and disable this feature. Thanks for Reading this article.


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