Hotstar Plans for IPL 2022

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Friends Hotstar is one such service provider. With which we can watch any show or IPL event well without any interruption. Because they have the legal authority to run all the shows and sports events. Because of which they are able to give us very good service. And in very less budget.

Let us tell you all that Disney Plus Hotstar is an Indian brand. Where you can easily watch many new shows, new releasing movies, premium content, premiere shows. Hotstar is owned by Nobi Digital Entertainment of Star India. and is operated and managed by Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution .

Hotstar’s new subscription Plan.

As you all know that IPL is about to start. And at this time we need something the most. So that is Hotstar subscription. Because friends who have a subscription to Hotstar. He can watch IPL very easily without any interruption.

So talk about Hotstar’s plans, so here we get to see basically 3 plans in mobile. So let’s talk today about all these planes one by one, that too in full detail. In this you will get a lot of information and according to your personal use, you can buy Hotstarco plane.

First comes the plane of ₹ 499 / year.

This plane has been running for a long time. And the price of this plan used to be 399 earlier. Rajesh Pen costs 499 in which you get to see all the content. You can watch movies, live sports, TV serials, everything here.

Second comes the plan of ₹ 899 / year.

This plane comes under the category of super plane and here too you can watch all the content comfortably. Also, you can enjoy this thing on TV or laptop here too. Not only this, friends, you are allowed to log in on two devices here. But as before, you will not get to see ads in TV serials and movies here, but you will have ads here in LiveSport.

Third comes plan of ₹ 1499 / year

This is the premium plan of Hotstar and is the most expensive plan. And you were also provided royal benefit here by Hotstar. Here you get all the features mentioned in the rest of the two.

Together with friends, here you can login to four devices simultaneously.

New ₹ 99 plan, what will be available in it.

Friends, if you are using the mobile OTT platform, then you must have heard the name of Netflix. And let us tell you that Netflix has cut its love a lot in recent days, due to which many different streaming platforms are also trying this method. on your platform to increase more customers.

And in the meantime Hotstar also came with its new plan ie ₹ 99 plan. And this is absolutely right because in this plane you get to see 3 months subscription. But friends, this plane is not visible in everyone’s mobile right now. But maybe in 10 or 20 days this plane will be shown in everyone’s mobile. At present, this plane is visible in the mobile of the new user or those who have not already subscribed. In this plane you will also get to see IPL events together. And this is a great plan. Because of which many people want to buy it. Hotstar told that it will start appearing in everyone’s mobile soon.

New ₹ 49 plan, what will be available in it.

Friends, this is also a trial plan from Hotstar. Which is being shown in the mobile of new mobile users and new Hotstar members who have not yet logged in. Here you get 1 month Hotstar subscription for just ₹ 49. That is, you can easily enjoy IPL for 1 month, by going to Hotstar. Yes friends, this plane is a very good plan.

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