How to increase Jio net speed?

If you have an Android phone and use the Internet, then you must have used your Jio SIM at some point or the other and many will be troubled by the slow net speed, we will tell you that How to increase jio net speed?

This network is known for its cheap data plans. In this, internet data is made available to you at lower prices than other telecom companies. Jio SIM was launched in 2016 and then its speed was very high.

The videos used to play non-stop, at that time you used to get 10Gbps speed, but then every day the users of this network kept increasing, due to which the speed of jio kept decreasing, then later many towers of jio were installed, due to which now the internet speed of this network is good. Has been.

Nowadays many people are running the SIM of this network in their smartphone and some people have very good internet speed but some people still do not have good internet speed.

if your also on jio sim Internet If the speed is not good then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

In this article, the information about increasing the internet speed of Jio has been given in detail, due to which you can increase the internet speed in your phone as well.

What to do to increase the internet speed of Jio?

You must know that when you take a new smartphone or when you “factory reset” your old phone, then after that for a few days your phone gets good speed.

And after a few days again your internet speed becomes like the old phone.

If you want to know what mistakes you make and or if your phone speed slows down again after a few days, then you will get all this information.

The speed of your phone becomes slow due to some reasons, all those reasons will be told to you in this article. When you know these reasons then you can save your phone from all these mistakes.

Yours mobile phone The speed will not decrease and you will be able to enjoy the speed of Jio SIM. And you will be able to watch all types of online videos without buffering.

Ways to increase jio net speed?

Jio net speed has become a big problem for many people today, there is a place where jio is troubled due to net speed.

He gets recharge done every month to run the net in Jio, but getting frustrated due to not having good speed, he either calls the helpline number or starts searching on Google how to increase Jio internet speed.

Still, more people feel disappointed. To know more about Jio What is Jio and what is its history Do read.

But now it will not happen because we have figured out some easy ways to increase the speed of the net, which we have explained in detail, which continues to be the reason for the slow speed of the net and almost all the users have the same problem.

If you follow the tips given below, then surely you can increase your jio speed and enjoy fast internet, now what are those ways, let’s try to know about them one by one and follow them.

1. Insert the SIM in the first port

You should know that when a phone is made, the first sim port of that phone is designed for the sim using the internet and in this sim port the user also gets good network coverage as compared to the other sim port. The user can get good internet speed.

Therefore, take great care that whenever you experience low internet speed in your phone, first of all you insert the SIM card in the first port. By doing this you will definitely be able to enjoy fat internet.

2. Check Jio APN Settings

It happens many times that when there is no problem with your phone and still your internet is not working then you must check the APN setting of your smartphone.

The full name of APN is Access Point Name. If you do not know how to set Jio’s Access Point Name, then the complete process is being given below. which you can follow.

  • For this, first you have to go to the setting of the phone.
  • After this you have to go to the option of “Mobile Network”.
  • After this there you will get the option of “APN” or “Access Point Name”.
  • When you click on this option, you will get a new “Add New APN” option in it.
  • You have to click on it, after that a new list type page will come in front of you.
  • In this you have to fill some details.
  • Name & JioNet.
  • APN & Jionet.
  • Apn Type & Default.
  • Apn Protocol & Ipv4/Ipv6,
  • Proxy & Not Set,
  • Port & Not Set,
  • User Name & Not Set,
  • Password & Not Set,
  • Server &
  • MMSC & Not Set,
  • MMS Proxy & Not Set,
  • MMS Port & Not Set,
  • MCC & 405.
  • MNC & 857 or 863 or 874.
  • Authentication Type & Not Set.

3. Uninstall the preinstalled app

When you take any new phone or you factory reset your phone, then many apps of your smartphone company are already installed in it.

Some of these also have such apps. Which you never use and these apps greatly affect your phone’s memory, battery and your internet speed. Due to which both the internet speed and battery of your phone decreases. So if you want to solve this problem.

So you should delete all such apps on your phone which you do not do it. Some apps are also like this, if two are not uninstalled, then you can “Disable” those apps.

To uninstall or disable these apps, first you have to go to settings and go to apps, then there you have to select the app that you want to uninstall or disable, click on it and uninstall or disable it.

Keep in mind that the apps which will not be uninstalled, only those apps will have the option of disable.

4. Do not keep multiple apps open

People running smartphones often make this mistake that when they are running any one app and if they want to use another app, then they do not close the first app and open another app.

Due to which another app also keeps running in the background and that app also slows down your internet speed.

So whenever you open another app while running one app, then close the app running first.

5. Use Virus Scanner App

Today virus which is becoming a major problem for any mobile when we run net in smartphone or use any browser.

Often such viruses enter the phone which reduces the speed of our phone. Also reduce the internet speed, so now if the speed of jio net in your phone is low.

For more information about virus What is virus and how does it work must read.

So you can delete the virus from your phone, for this you can use virus scanner application.

On Google Play Store, you will get to download many such applications, by downloading which you will destroy the virus of your mobile phone and can easily increase the speed of your jio net.

6. Remove unused applications

Many times it is seen that something like this in your smartphone Application Download those which are of no use which slows down the jio speed, then if you also one of these means that some such application is present in your phone.

If you never use, then delete them immediately. If you do this then definitely your jio net speed will increase and you will be able to use fast internet.

7. Change Your Web Browser

If all the above mentioned work is done and still your internet is not working or speed is not coming then there may be problem in your browser.

For this, you should clear the data of your browser and try to run the internet by opening your browser again. If still your problem is not solved then you should change your browser and run internet on another browser.

Because often some people use such browsers which already have low speed and you think that jio neet speed is less but it does not happen.

That’s why you can also use another browser to run internet in your phone once.


By the way, today Jio has almost become the world’s largest network, if we talk about the speed of Jio in the beginning, then it was quite fat, but later as its users increased, its speed decreased.

This is the most important point to have more users due to low Jio net speed.

Due to slow speed, everyone is facing this problem today. But there are some reasons given above, due to which the problem of speed of Jio NEET is seen in people today.

Therefore, if you are also troubled by its speed, then you can understand by following the points given above. How to increase Jio net speed?

Let us tell you by commenting on how this information given in this article of ours today or how the above points proved to be increased in speed.

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