How to earn money from Like App?

There is no doubt that today’s Internet The world has changed the lives of the people. Internet is not limited to information, conversation, entertainment with people, but today millions of rupees are also being earned by people sitting at home by using internet.

Of course, if you are reading this post, then how did you earn money from Like App? Or you want to know about how you can earn money from this app. Well let me tell you that it is very easy to earn money from this app but for this it is most important for you to have enough information. After that you can earn money from this app.

Right now many people are sitting at home with this application all over the world. earning lakhs of rupees Is. You too can earn money easily after reading this article from here because you do not need any kind of technical knowledge to earn money from Like App here. In this, you need some basic information about pubs, after that you too can earn money from this app like other people.

Now if you also want to earn money sitting at home from this application, then this article of ours is going to be very important for you, because today we are going to tell you easy ways to earn money from Like App. Following whom you can easily earn money from this application, so let’s know –

What is Like App?

like app se paise kaise kamaye

Like App is a short video creator application where you can create any type of video according to your need. If you have any kind of activity like you can dance well then you can make a dance video and put it on it, if you want to make a dialogue video or you can also make a funny video and put it on this You can share on the application.

Also know –

You can upload short video here that means a few seconds of video here. Also, let us tell you that there are many such features in this application, using which users can give a professional, and best look to the video. If you are thinking that you how to make money from application There are many different options available in this application, using which you can earn money from here. So let’s tell how you can earn a lot of money by uploading and sharing your videos on Like App and using many other options.

How to earn money from Like App?

Today, social media, which is progressing very fast, has given a new direction of living for many people, which means that today there are many people who have become famous all over the world through social media on the basis of their talent. As if you are active on social media platform then you must have seen that it does not take much time for the video to become viral here in a few seconds the video becomes viral all over the world.

Through social media, today people can become famous by making videos on Like App and you can also earn good money from here. Yes, if you also have any skill like dance, active, then you too can earn money from like and can become famous all over the world.

Let me tell you that to earn money, first you have to download Like App from App Store, after that you have to open it and create your account on this app. And only after that you can upload your video on this app. By the way, you can use Like App in many ways. make money But in this article you will be told many ways to earn money from this application. With which you can earn a lot of money on this application in many ways.

So let’s go down below, you can earn money from here by improving your talent through this application below –

posting your video

This is the easiest way to earn money on Like App, in this you have to make any video according to your interest and upload that video here. And now after your video is uploaded, the more people here who will see your video, the more you will benefit.

Whenever you make any video, keep in mind that the more people will like your video, the more you will benefit if you have seen the video of this application, then you must have seen that many likes, comments, shares on the video. Like there are options available which make it easy for you to earn money from here. Most people today earn money in this way.

But for this it becomes necessary that you have more number of followers on this application so that whenever you post a video, more and more people see it. Because the more views will come on your video or the more your video will be liked by the people. Accordingly, you can earn money from here.

Put #tag on your video

If you want to earn very good money on Like App then you should also follow this step. If you use Like App, then you must have seen that whenever a big star uploads any of his videos, he definitely uses #tag in it. Due to this more views come on your video and your video goes to more people. Or we can say that the video is designed in a way that makes the video look good or we can also say that people are compelled in a way to use #tag.

The advantage of putting #tag on your video uploaded on Like App is that you get to know which category you belong to and when new people search your category video on Like App, then your video is recommand in front of them. As it goes, the views of your video increase. And it directly benefits you.

It also has another advantage that whenever a new company launches a new product, it also launches a new #tag for the promotion of that product and if you use the #tag of any such company. And this benefits the company, then you get money for using the #tag of that company. So this method is also very good, you can earn more from here too.

Coming Live on Like App

If you want, you can earn a lot of money from Like App even by streaming live size and any video on Like App. Just for this you should come live and share some kind of video with your followers. But if you have just created your new account on Like App, then let me tell you that the option of coming live is not available on every account. This Golive coming option comes to your account option only when you complete 35 level of Like App. Only after this you get the option to come live and you can come live.

The best advantage of coming live is that by coming live, your fans are able to see your video quickly. And this brings more likes and views to your videos. Apart from this, when you come online and make an online video, then you get a lot of views and get a chance to connect with your fans and you get the direct benefit. Today, when people’s accounts become old or they become famous, then they do the work of coming live here, due to which their income also increases a lot.

sponsoring a company

If you want to earn even more money from Like App, then you can sponsor any company, if you have good followers, then any company gives a lot of money to sponsor itself.

If you do not know how any company is sponsored, then tell you that you have to take the name of that company in your video and say something good about it so that the viewers watching your video Buy that company. This method is very good for those people who are a little expert in speaking. Just your little knowledge can fetch you a lot of money.

sponsor a product

The work of sponsorship is most popular on social media, if you are new to Like App and you are not getting the sponsorship of any company, then you can also sponsor any product of any company if you want. For this also, the company of that product gives you a lot of money for that product. And for this you just have to show that product in your video and say something about it.
How To Earn Money With Crown In Likee App

If you do not know, then let me tell you that in Likee App, big creators are given the crown. This is a good way to earn money but often people do not know about it, due to which people are not able to use it. If you don’t know about it then tell you how you can get crown on Likee App.

In K1 Crown Likee App

You will be very happy to know that if you have K1 Crown then you earn around Rs 30,000 in Likee App.

K2 Crown Likee App

If you get this K2 Crown on Likee app then you get earning up to Rs 17,000 on Likee app.

K3 Crown Likee App

Those who get this K2 Crown on the likee app can earn up to about Rs 3,500 on the likee app.

in short

We all know that today every person wants to earn money sitting at home, but now how to earn this question becomes a big question for anyone because it remains in everyone’s mind that man can earn money sitting at home, or else. Who can pay for working from home? This happens in everyone’s mind, but it does not happen at all because today is the age of internet where you get not 1 but thousands of such ways on the internet, if you can easily earn money by using 8 dues.

In which there is a very good and simple way to earn money from like app, not just 1 from here, but millions of people are earning millions of rupees sitting at home from their activities all over the world, not only this, there are many such people who have become famous all over the world. . So you too can prove to be the best way to earn money from this application.

We have already told you in detail above about how you can earn money from Like App, I hope you have got proper information in this article, and it would have been useful for you.

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