How to become LIC Agent Salary Qualification Process best infomation

Today in this article we will tell you how to become lic agent Salary Qualification Process If you tell LIC, the largest company of the Indian insurance market, nothing will be wrong, every child knows about LIC in India. IRDAI regulates this most famous life insurance company, if you want to make a career in the field of insurance and sell policies. So this thought must have come in your mind that how to become LIC agent, you can get a golden future by becoming LIC agent.


In this article, I will tell you in detail about the benefits of becoming a LIC agent and all the ways to become a LIC agent. An agent is an intermediary between the company and the customer, the customer does not have a direct relationship with the company, the agent’s job is to inform the customer about the company and sell policies. You can earn a good passive income by becoming a LIC agent, you can work as a LIC agent part time or full time in any form.

The better work you do here, the better your earnings will become and the money here also increases with time, as an agent in LIC, you get some commission, which increases according to your policies. Let us see in this article how much commission you will get, and how you can apply.

how to become lic agent

First of all you have to register with LIC. To understand the concept of insurance well, one needs to take a training. Also, you have to give the exam prescribed by IRDAI. By passing the exam, you have to get a license so that you can work as an agent.

LIC is called Life Insurance Corporation of India in Hindi, by joining it you can secure your life and that of others, this organization is running for the last 5 decades. Let us see in detail how you can join LIC and how you can get part time or full time job by joining LIC.


If you want to become a LIC agent, then first you have to go to the LIC office near you, there is definitely a branch of LIC in every city, go there and meet the development officer.

You will have to submit your application form to the development officer, you will get this form in the branch, fill the form correctly and then submit it. After submitting the form, you will have to wait for the interview, at the same time the interview will be conducted in the branch.

Sometimes the interview is not done immediately, and the date is fixed by the branch manager, you will be invited on that date.

After this those who clear the interview are invited for further training. In the training, the qualities that an LIC agent should have are told about them and many such things will be told which will help you a lot in working ahead.

After completion of training you have to clear a paper, when you successfully pass this exam then you will become agent successfully after becoming agent you will work under development officer of your city You can start your journey of success by selling.

What is the eligibility to become LIC Agent

Friends, to become a LIC agent, you do not need much education and writing, you can become a LIC agent even after 10th pass and there is no need for any other type of course or performance with them. You can apply with minimum studies but having knowledge is very important because here you have to clear the interview and after that there is only one easy exam.

What should be the age to become LIC Agent

If you want to become a LIC Agent then the minimum age to apply is 18 years, if you are younger than 18 years then you will not be able to become a LIC Agent, after completion of 18 years of age you can apply for LIC Agent and You can open the way for your progress.

Documents to become LIC Agent

To become an LIC agent, you have to fill an application form, here you will have two passport size photographs of your 10th and 12th mark sheet, with which you can attach the electricity bill voter ID card for your address proof. Along with this, you will also have to attach the Aadhar card and if money is being talked about here, then PAN card will be mandatory, so keep in mind that Aadhar card PAN card and two passport size photographs are necessary to fill the form.

How much commission does LIC agent get

As you know that there is no salary of LIC agent, LIC agent works on commission basis. Here for your information, let me tell you that 35% is available on every policy and it remains same on every policy, that is, 35% of the premium you will get as commission every time you sell the policy.

Your earnings will be based on the level of policy you are selling and the quantity you are selling, the more work you do and the more selling skills you have, the more money you will earn.

How to Apply Online for LIC Agent

  • First of all you have to create an online account by visiting
  • After this, a mail will be sent to you from LIC, in which all the guidelines will be told and the rules and process of applying will also be properly explained.
  • Here you will get only the initial information, if you want more information or want to become a complete LIC agent, then you have to go to the office and get complete information and understand the process very well.
  • When your application work is completed, then your training will be done, you will have to do all this process by going to the branch, you can do only limited work on the online website, such as you can submit the form, but you will also have to visit the branch to give the exam. will have to go.
  • To become an LIC agent, there is only 25 hours of training and you have to complete this 25 hours of training.

Benefits of becoming an LIC agent

Friends, there are many benefits of becoming an LIC agent like if you want a loan then there is huge amount of loan waiver, you can easily get loan for festival housing and vehicle and in this you will get very minimum interest.

The agent gets separate allowances for the expenses of office travel and stationery etc. This is in the form of salary and visiting card, letter pad, and all other facilities are provided by the company.

If you want to move forward in LIC and want to become an employee of LIC from agent, then it will be of great help to you here too.

LIC Agents earn money for life and they get pension as well. At the time of retirement, they get huge amount of money and further their pension also remains intact and they also get commission based on the policy they have sold.

There are also many clubs in LIC, if you sell the policy in large quantity then you can also opt for any club, it has different benefits.

What qualities should an LIC agent possess

When the company chooses the LIC agent, it looks for some of the following qualities in it, these qualities are also necessary for you to clear the interview in the company and if you really have this quality then you can lead a successful life as an agent.

LIC agent should be such that one who remains firm on his point of view, people who change words frequently can never be successful as an agent because LIC agent has to make many types of promises to people and they have to do different types of things. They have to be explained, so they always have to remain firm on their point of view.

The nature of LIC agent should be very gentle and kind, and he should always remain a common man and down to earth.

People who have very good communication skills, they achieve great success as an agent, so an LIC agent should have good communication skills so that he can explain the policy to the people and tell how the policy is for them. may prove to be effective.

The nature of the LIC agent should be very polite and should be such that he should not get angry when he says anything and who can control his anger and emotions easily, because many times people give messengers to LIC agent and when people get angry. If the policy is not understood, then they say that they are working to cheat the people, in such a time the agent should understand the mind of the people and try to convince them and not get angry.

LIC agent should be very honest, never take money from people by lying, if LIC agent works honestly then he can be very successful in life and can get good passive and recurring revenue later. When he provides good value to the customer, then the customer also brings more customers happily, this increases the work of the agent very fast and it is often seen that only the agents who stay in close contact with the people are successful.

In this article we saw that how to become lic agent How did you like the salary eligibility process, in this article we have taken complete information about LIC agent and told you what should be the qualification to become LIC agent. How old should you be and what qualities should you have to become a LIC Agent, I hope you must have liked the article. If you liked this article and liked the information, then do not forget to share it with your personal friends.