Choghadiya – See Choghadiya of today and tomorrow

Aaj Ka Choghadiya :- Before doing any auspicious work, there has always been a custom and culture to see the auspicious time, which is successful in that work, so Choghadiya has special importance especially in Hindu religion.

Actually, in Hindu culture, to know the auspicious time or auspicious time to do any special work or big work, the pundit is seen because the work done in the auspicious time is considered successful without any hindrance.

Aaj Ka Choghadiya Kal Ka Hindi

Shubh Muhurta or Shubh time means that time in which planets and constellations are good and fruitful for human beings and good results are obtained in the work done during that time, hence any special and big work should be done according to the auspicious time. are done.

Therefore, Choghadiya is such a table in which you are provided with a table of auspicious and inauspicious times for day and night and you can easily get information about the auspicious time.

we down you Aaj Ka Choghadiya is going to provide day and night information For which you can know which time is auspicious and which time is inauspicious, for this you have been provided with Choghadiya table.

What is today’s Choghadiya – New Delhi

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 2 January 2022

Sunrise time- 07:14:11
Sunset time- 17:36:00
Moonrise time – no
Moonset time- 17:03:59

Choghadiya 2 January- day

Auspicious beginning time
excitement 07:14:12 AM – 08:31:51 AM
variable 08:31:51 AM – 09:49:29 AM
the gain 09:49:29 AM – 11:07:007 AM
Nectar 11:07:007 AM – 12:24:45 PM
Era 12:24:45 PM – 01:42:23 PM
Good 01:42:23 PM – 03:00:001 PM
Disease 03:00:001 PM – 04:17:39 PM
excitement 04:17:39 PM – 05:35:17 PM

Choghadiya 2 January – Night

Auspicious beginning time
Good 05:35:17 PM – 07:17:39 PM
Nectar 07:17:39 PM – 09:00:001 PM
variable 09:00:001 PM – 10:42:23 PM
Disease 10:42:23 PM – 12:24:45 AM
Era 12:24:45 AM – 02:07:007 AM
the gain 02:07:007 AM – 03:49:29 AM
excitement 03:49:29 AM – 05:31:51 AM
Good 05:31:51 AM – 07:14:12 AM

Since most of the people see the auspicious and inauspicious times before doing any work, so after watching Aaj Ka Choghadiya, Kal Ka Choghadiya has also been provided below which will be helpful for you!

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 3 January 2022

Sunrise time- 07:14:25
Sunset time- 17:36:41
Moonrise time- 07:48:59
Moonset time – 18:12:59

Choghadiya 3 January- day

Auspicious beginning time
Nectar 07:14:26 AM – 08:32:007 AM
Era 08:32:007 AM – 09:49:49 AM
Good 09:49:49 AM – 11:07:31 AM
Disease 11:07:31 AM – 12:25:13 PM
excitement 12:25:13 PM – 01:42:55 PM
variable 01:42:55 PM – 03:00:37 PM
the gain 03:00:37 PM – 04:18:19 PM
Nectar 04:18:19 PM – 05:36:001 PM

Choghadiya 3 January- Night

Auspicious beginning time
variable 05:36:001 PM – 07:18:19 PM
Disease 07:18:19 PM – 09:00:37 PM
Era 09:00:37 PM – 10:42:55 PM
the gain 10:42:55 PM – 12:25:13 AM
excitement 12:25:13 AM – 02:07:31 AM
Good 02:07:31 AM – 03:49:49 AM
Nectar 03:49:49 AM – 05:32:007 AM
variable 05:32:007 AM – 07:14:26 AM

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 4 January 2022

Sunrise time- 07:14:37
Sunset time- 17:37:24
Moonrise time- 08:48:00
Moonset time – 19:22:59

Choghadiya 4 January- day

Auspicious beginning time
Disease 07:14:37 AM – 08:32:23 AM
excitement 08:32:23 AM – 09:50:009 AM
variable 09:50:009 AM – 11:07:55 AM
the gain 11:07:55 AM – 12:25:41 PM
Nectar 12:25:41 PM – 01:43:27 PM
Era 01:43:27 PM – 03:01:13 PM
Good 03:01:13 PM – 04:18:59 PM
Disease 04:18:59 PM – 05:36:45 PM

Choghadiya 4 January- Night

Auspicious beginning time
Era 05:36:45 PM – 07:18:59 PM
the gain 07:18:59 PM – 09:01:13 PM
excitement 09:01:13 PM – 10:43:27 PM
Good 10:43:27 PM – 12:25:41 AM
Nectar 12:25:41 AM – 02:07:55 AM
variable 02:07:55 AM – 03:50:009 AM
Disease 03:50:009 AM – 05:32:23 AM
Era 05:32:23 AM – 07:14:37 AM

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 5 January 2022

Sunrise time- 07:14:47
Sunset time- 17:38:09
Moonrise time – 09:37:00
Moonset time – 20:32:00

Choghadiya 5 January- day

Auspicious beginning time
the gain 07:14:49 AM – 08:32:39 AM
Nectar 08:32:39 AM – 09:50:29 AM
Era 09:50:29 AM – 11:08:18 AM
Good 11:08:18 AM – 12:26:008 PM
Disease 12:26:008 PM – 01:43:59 PM
excitement 01:43:59 PM – 03:01:48 PM
variable 03:01:48 PM – 04:19:39 PM
the gain 04:19:39 PM – 05:37:28 PM

Choghadiya 5 January – Night

Auspicious beginning time
excitement 05:37:28 PM – 07:19:39 PM
Good 07:19:39 PM – 09:01:48 PM
Nectar 09:01:48 PM – 10:43:59 PM
variable 10:43:59 PM – 12:26:009 AM
Disease 12:26:009 AM – 02:08:18 AM
Era 02:08:18 AM – 03:50:29 AM
the gain 03:50:29 AM – 05:32:39 AM
excitement 05:32:39 AM – 07:14:49 AM

Aaj Ka Choghadiya 6 January 2022

Sunrise time- 07:14:57
Sunset time- 17:38:54
Moonrise time – 10:18:59
Moonset time – 21:37:00

Choghadiya 6 January- day

Auspicious beginning time
Good 07:14:56 AM – 08:32:51 AM
Disease 08:32:51 AM – 09:50:46 AM
excitement 09:50:46 AM – 11:08:40 AM
variable 11:08:40 AM – 12:26:35 PM
the gain 12:26:35 PM – 01:44:30 PM
Nectar 01:44:30 PM – 03:02:24 PM
Era 03:02:24 PM – 04:20:19 PM
Good 04:20:19 PM – 05:38:13 PM

Choghadiya 6 January- Night

Auspicious beginning time
Nectar 05:38:13 PM – 07:20:19 PM
variable 07:20:19 PM – 09:02:24 PM
Disease 09:02:24 PM – 10:44:30 PM
Era 10:44:30 PM – 12:26:35 AM
the gain 12:26:35 AM – 02:08:40 AM
excitement 02:08:40 AM – 03:50:46 AM
Good 03:50:46 AM – 05:32:51 AM
Nectar 05:32:51 AM – 07:14:56 AM

Aaj Ka Choghadiya – What is Choghadiya

Choghadiya which is Hindu Vedic Calendar Almanac There is a main part or a form of it and when there is no auspicious time to do any particular work and it is necessary to do it quickly or at the prescribed time, then there is a law to see Choghadiya Muhurta for that.

Seeing the Choghadiya Muhurta and doing work and travel accordingly, it is considered good because the chances of getting the best quantity in the work started in the auspicious time are strong, hence Choghadiya is given special importance in astrology because this auspicious time is in Choghadiya. Obtained by seeing.

Today Choghadiya

Choghadiya Traditionally, it is used for travel Muhurta but due to its simplicity, it has now come to be used for every Muhurta. Choghadiya Muhurta is different for different cities.

Choghadiya is made up of two words Chau + Ghadiya which means Chau means four and Ghadiya means Ghati which means four clocks and Choghadiya Muhurta is also known as Chaturshtika Muhurta.

Choghadiya is calculated on the basis of sunrise and sunset, so Choghadiya is mainly of two types, one day Choghadiya and the other night Choghadiya !!

The time between sunrise i.e. sun rise to sunset i.e. sunset is called Choghadiya of the day, thus the time between sunset and sunrise till the next day is called night Choghadiya, on the basis of which Choghadiya table is made which is Provides information about auspicious time and inauspicious time.

The time from sunrise to sunset and from sunset to sunrise is divided into 30-30 Ghati and 30 Ghati is divided into 8 parts resulting in 8-8 Choghadiya Muhurta in day and night time of one Ghati is about 24 minutes. And the time of one Choghadiya is about 96 minutes.

types of choghadiya

There are seven types of Choghadiya in Hindu Vedic which are as follows- Udvega, Labh, Chara, Disease, Auspicious, Kaal, Amrit, so let us know in detail about them, when and how they work as well as which Choghadiya There are good and bad.

Udveg Choghadiya

Government and administrative works are done in this Choghadiya Muhurta and the ruling planet of Udvega Choghadiya is Sun, which is inauspicious in Vedic astrology because the effect of Sun is considered inauspicious in astrology, so this Choghadiya has been marked as Udvega. .

Labh Choghadiya

The ruling planet of Labh Choghadiya is Mercury, which is considered to be an auspicious and beneficial planet, due to which this Choghadiya has been marked as a benefic and Labh Choghadiya Muhurta is considered to be the best to go for the purpose of learning any work.

Char Choghadiya

The ruling planet of Char Choghadiya is Venus, which is considered a benefic planet because Venus is considered inauspicious in astrology, so this Choghadiya is marked as variable or playful and Char Choghadiya Muhurta is considered best for traveling.

Rog Choghadiya

As the name suggests, it is an inauspicious time, that is why this Choghadiya has been marked as a disease and the ruling planet of disease Choghadiya is Mars, which is considered cruel and inauspicious, hence the disease during Choghadiya Muhurta. One should not do any auspicious work.

Shubh Choghadiya

As the name of this Choghadiya is, so is its work, so this Choghadiya has been marked as auspicious and the ruling planet of auspicious Choghadiya is Jupiter, which is considered an auspicious and beneficial planet and in the auspicious Choghadiya Muhurta, special functions like marriage ceremony Best suited for programs.

Kaal Choghadiya

The ruling planet of Kaal Choghadiya is Saturn, whose effect is generally considered inauspicious and in Vedic astrology, Shani is considered a malefic planet, so this Choghadiya is marked as Kaal and during this time any auspicious work can be done. are not done.

Amrit Choghadiya

This Choghadiya is also exactly according to its name, because the lord planet of Amrit Choghadiya is Moon, which is considered very auspicious and beneficial and this Choghadiya has been marked as nectar in which good results are obtained in doing any auspicious work. Huh.

Above we have provided you information about the main parts of Choghadiya, how many types of Choghadiya are there and which Muhurta are auspicious and inauspicious in any Choghadiya, let us now look at some common questions.

Choghadiya is an integral part of Panchag or it is a form of it which is used in our daily life to see the auspicious time to achieve success in any particular program.

What is Amrit Muhurta?

According to Choghadiya, Moon is the lord of Amrit Muhurta, which is considered very auspicious and beneficial, in which good results are obtained in doing any auspicious work and auspicious work can be done in this Muhurta also.

What is Char Choghadiya good or bad?

There are seven parts of Choghadiya, in which Char Choghadiya comes in the third place, whose lord is considered to be Venus, which is auspicious and beneficial, which is considered best to see before starting the journey.

What is Udveg Choghadiya good or bad?

Udveg Choghadiya i.e. Udveg comes in the first place, whose lord is considered to be the Sun planet.

What are Choghadiya of the Day?

Choghadiya mainly depends on sunrise and sunset and the time from sunrise to sunset is the day’s Choghadiya whose table is given above.

What are night choghadiyas?

The time between sunset and sunrise till the next day is called Ratri or Raat Ka Choghadiya, the table of which is given above.

Which are good and bad Choghadiya?

The good and bad of each Choghadiya depends on its planetary lord like Venus, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter are considered auspicious and beneficial, hence Char, Labh, Amrit and Auspicious Choghadiya are good and the other three are Udvega, Kaal, Disease. Bad Choghadiya is considered.

Which Choghadiyas are auspicious?

Char, Labh, Amrit and Shubh Choghadiya Muhurta are considered auspicious i.e. out of seven Choghadiya Muhurta, four are auspicious, which are used during different Muhurta according to the work theme.

Which Choghadiyas are inauspicious?

In Choghadiya, three Muhurtas are considered inauspicious, which are Kaal, Disease and Udvega, whose name suggests that they are inauspicious, so they should not do any work during Muhurta time.

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