Career in Data Visualization

People who make decisions based on data (decision-makers) Displaying data through pictures to provide fact-based analysis happens |

Text data may not be able to reveal the patterns or trends necessary for any type of data to be recognized. It requires a bachelor’s/master’s degree in computer science or a data visualization postgraduate degree. By attaining these qualifications one can get the role of Data Visualization Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst or Data Analysts in any organization and ₹ 10 Lakh – ₹ 40 Can get salary up to Rs.

Education Required to Build a Career in Data Visualization

(Education Required to Build a Career in Data Visualization)

Visualization is often an important component of a data analyst and data scientist. To pursue a career in one of these fields, you usually need a degree in a subject that develops your analytical skills, such as mathematics, statistics, computers. Science (computer science) etc.
If you want to specialize in data visualization, you can consider studying for a data visualization postgraduate degree.

Career Path in Data Visualization

(Career Path in Data Visualization)

To become a data visualization engineer, a person needs a degree from a university in a subject from which the person has analytical skills like mathematics, statistics, computer science. ) to be developed. Because data visualization engineer must have strong analytical skills.

Now let us clearly understand the different types of career paths and skills required:-

Data Visualization Engineer: Data Visualization Engineer reporting solutions to provide decision-makers with a fact-based analysis by identifying such patterns and trends Focuses on creating and developing what text data cannot show. A bachelor’s or master’s degree is required for the post of Data Visualization Engineer.

Business Intelligence Analysts , Business Intelligence Analysts focus on data analysis and business reporting. Business intelligence analysts prepare reports, dashboards, models and tools and present operations-related data, which can be used to monitor products, make important business decisions, and drive business productivity. forecasting is done. Sometimes they are also required to engage with internal and external clients to determine requirements, prioritize requirements and ensure that There should not be any communication gap between them.

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Data Analysts: Data Analysts work on the reporting and visualization part to explain the hidden figures of data with the help of graphs, charts etc. Their function is to analyze the data collected from sales, marketing etc. and help the firm to take better decisions by presenting its findings in the form of reports. A bachelor’s degree is required for the post of Data Analysts at the entry level. There are different categories of Data Analysts: Operational Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst etc.

Data Visualization Engineers

To become a Data Visualization Engineer, one needs a degree from a university in a subject that provides analytical skills such as Mathematics, Statistical and Computer Science. ) because Data Visualization Engineers must have strong analytical skills.
To make a career in data visualization, data visualization engineers must have good coding knowledge with languages ​​like Angular.js, d3.js, Python etc.

Skill Set : Strong analytical engineer, Excellent communication skills both written and oral, Attention to detail, Excellent maths, Statistical skills, Angular.js, d3.js , Python, Query programming knowledge with relational database and big data platform (NoSQL system), HTML and CSS knowledge etc.

Application Areas: Aerospace, Information Technology, Banking etc.

Business Intelligence Analysts

Business Intelligence Analysts should have good written and oral communication skills, experience in data analysis as well as statistical packages for data analysis such as R, Python, MATLAB, and SAS. Must have coding knowledge in statistical packages.

Skill Set : Good coding knowledge with languages ​​like Java, Python, Scala etc.

Application Areas: Aerospace , Healthcare, Retail Sector , Banking, Transportation |

Data Analysts

Good excel programming knowledge and communication skills are required for a data analyst. Analytical skills are also required to work with data and draw conclusions. Data analysts present their findings in the form of an understandable document; That’s why good communication (speaking and writing) skills are a must.

Skill Set : Communication , Knowledge of MS Office suite (Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint), SQL Skills.

Application Areas: Consulting , Healthcare, Banking, Procurement |


According to the information received from –

  • Business Intelligence Analyst: The average salary of a Business Intelligence Analyst is around $90,000 USD.
  • Data Engineers: The average salary of data engineers is around $100,000 USD. is |
  • Data Analyst: The average salary of a data analyst can vary from $60,000 to $90,000 USD, depending on the experience of the data analyst.


Data visualization is used in almost every industry today. The need of data visualization engineer is also increasing as data is increasing day by day, so unless it is presented in more meaningful or understandable way it is difficult to understand and decide on it, hence in data visualization Making a career is really a good decision. If you are planning to pursue a career in data visualization, you should consider pursuing a degree in areas related to data visualization and focus on developing analytical skills such as mathematics, statistics and computer science.