Inside Pinnacle Media’s first game ad campaign, starring Kate Winslet and Brad Pitt – the biggest ad campaign in history

Pinnacle Entertainment has been awarded the 2017 Advertising Appreciation Award for Excellence by Advertising Week Australia for its first game advertisement campaign for Kate Winslett and Brad Pettsons new film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The two-minute spot, which features actor Brad Pitt, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, and is currently being watched by millions of fans.

The campaign is the latest in a string of high-profile campaigns from the studio, including a campaign for the new Star Wars film and an animated feature for Disney.

Kate Winslett, pictured here with Brad Pitt in 2013, and Brad-Pitt in the film, will star in Pinnacle’s next game ad for the game, which was produced by the Pinnacle creative team.

Pinnacle said the campaign was inspired by the two-week journey Kate had taken to see the film at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Kate’s journey was an inspirational story that highlighted the importance of being authentic and being genuine, she said.

“The message behind the ad is very simple: ‘I have no money and I want to share my passion for making films and making films that have meaning to people,'” she said, speaking to News Corp Australia.

“I want to make people feel like they can take their story to the next level and it doesn’t have to be about a certain thing.”

It can be about something that they’ve never even thought of before.

“Pinnacle’s ad has received over 100,000 views on YouTube.”

Kate and Brad are the perfect duo to bring their iconic look to life and this ad is an incredible way to honour Kate and Brad’s incredible achievements,” Pinnacle entertainment director Mark Cote said.

Pixie is the third ad campaign from Pinnacle in 2017.

It debuted in 2017 with a campaign that saw Kate Winters debut as a young model on the cover of Elle magazine, which featured her on the front cover.

Kate and her friends, including her boyfriend Brad Pitt (seen here with actress Scarlett Johansson in the ad), are seen at the New York Film Festival in 2017 Kate Winslets sister Kate Wintsons son Tyler, pictured in the second trailer for Kate’s upcoming film, was among those who shared their feelings about the film.

The Wolf of St. Street is a film that is expected to be a hit for the studio.

In 2018, the studio launched its first video game campaign in the form of a short film called The Wolf’s Head, starring Brad Pitt.

Kate, pictured with Brad, is one of the stars of The Wolf Of Wall Street Kate Winslow and Brad Pincus, pictured together in 2015, will reprise their roles as Elizabethan prostitutes in Pixie’s upcoming game ad, which will be released on October 6, 2019.

Pixar is one partner in the game ad.