How to spot bad ads online

Bad advertisements are ads that appear on your webpages or webpages that are not in the “good” ads section.

They are also commonly used by marketers to target your users.

A bad advertisement will appear to users who are not interested in your product or service.

For example, if you are advertising a car, then you might want to avoid showing advertisements for a certain brand.

Bad ads are often used by advertisers to target people who don’t like your product, or to target users who don�t have the same interests as you.

In some cases, bad ads will also show up as part of an advertisement that the user doesn�t want to see.

This can happen when the advertiser wants to advertise to people who are less active on your site.

If you can see this, then it is likely that you are in the good ads section and you can opt out.

To make sure that you can’t be targeted by a bad ad, here are some common ways to look for these types of ads.

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