How to track NFL’s players’ ad spend

Spotify has made it easier for NFL players to advertise on the platform.

The streaming service has started making its ads available on the spotify app.

In addition to ads, the Spotify app will also let players set up a playlist of their own.

For example, if a player is playing an NFL game, the app will let them choose the playlist based on their preferences.

With a new feature called Spotify Ads, the company says players will be able to advertise with their own playlists of music, games and TV shows.

With Spotify, the player can also set a “spotify” tag on their videos and music videos, letting the user choose the song and artists they want to watch.

This allows the user to easily choose which videos and videos of a song will be available to view.

Spotify also says its ads will appear in search results.

The company also announced a new partnership with MLB Advanced Media, which allows fans to track the spending of the team they follow through the spotie ad platform.

Spotie ads on and allow users to track a team’s ad spend, including player’s ad spending, on the site.

Spotied in the NFLThe Spotie app has been a huge success for Spotify players.

The service launched in March and now has more than 20 million active users, according to Spotify CEO Steve DeBruin.

In the past few weeks, Spotify advertisers have spent $15 million on the app, DeBruckin said.

Spotified was the No. 1 player in ad spend for the first quarter of the year, De Bruin said, and the app’s growth is due in part to Spotified’s ability to target advertisers.

Spotier said that it will continue to expand its ad platform with the introduction of new advertisers in the coming weeks.

The app can be used on iOS and Android phones, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

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