An advertisement by one of Australia’s most notorious advertisers has been removed after its link to a racist conspiracy theory

An advertisement for a company that sells “black power” T-shirts has been pulled after it sparked a social media storm with its racist claims.

The Australian Advertiser has removed an advertisement featuring the T-shirt retailer Black Power Clothing and Sports on its front page after its creator claimed it was part of a conspiracy to “force blacks out of Australia”.

Black Power Clothing is a white supremacist group based in Queensland, which says it wants to “take back the land from the blacks” and claims that they have “the most lethal weapons of all the nations of the world”.

The group’s website is run by the Ku Klux Klan, a white nationalist organisation that has long been a subject of debate in Australia.

But the group’s founder, Andrew Byrd, told the ABC he is “a white supremacist and I am white and I love white people”.

“I think it’s very sad to see such a racist group come together to try and force blacks out,” he said.

“They’re trying to use this opportunity to try to do something that will hurt the black community.”

The ad featured a Black Power shirt on its cover and read: “You’re an idiot if you think we’re not getting enough.”

It also included a link to the Black Lives Matter website.

Black Power’s website has previously been used by the far-right group Stop the Fascism.

The group has also made headlines for an anti-Semitic advert that included a swastika and other racist symbols.

The ad has been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube and was taken down by Google in response to complaints from the ad’s creator.

“Google has pulled the ad because it contains a threat to violence against Australian and foreign Muslims,” Mr Byrd told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

“I’ve been called all sorts of names in Australia, all sorts.

I’ve been labelled a racist, an anti Nazi, an antifa.

I’m not racist and I’ve never been.”

It’s sad that a website that promotes white supremacy, and that promotes hatred, and promotes violence against all people, should be removed from the internet.

“The advertisement was pulled after complaints from Mr Byrd.

The company has since apologized and told the ADAC that its ad was removed because it was “racist”.”

Black Power has been made aware of the content on the page and is now taking steps to remove it,” the company said in a statement.”

Blackpower has always believed that our company has been a positive influence in Australia and would not condone the views it has espoused in the past.

“The company is actively working to promote the values of freedom, justice and inclusion.”

A spokeswoman for Google said the ad did not fall under the terms of its Google+ profile and would remain available until further notice.

“Advertisers are not permitted to target ads on Google+ because they do not follow the Google+ guidelines on content targeting and ads targeting,” the spokeswoman said.