Why do you need to use the words ‘the best’ and ‘the biggest’ in your ads?

By the time your ad is being displayed in your browser, it has been generated by a computer and may have been created in another environment.

It is therefore important that your ad does not use these words.

If you are not using these words, then you are using incorrect or misleading language.

To ensure the correct usage of these terms, the AdWords community is looking to remove words and phrases that have been incorrectly or misleadingly used in its advertisements.

These can include:The best way to protect your brand is to use only the words you use in your ad.

The following are some of the most common ways in which these terms have been misused in advertising:AdWords has been working with advertisers and brands to address these terms and issues.

These changes will take effect starting with the upcoming AdWords 2017 update.