How a car wrap ad helped Apple get its foot in the door

A car wrap ads campaign helped Apple gain traction in the mobile-device industry, according to a new study by The Wall St. Journal.

The adverts, designed to promote the car wrap, ran on television and radio.

Apple bought the company in 2006, and it has become the dominant smartphone vendor in the market.

It is now in a position to make more money in the new market than ever before.

But it had been hard to do.

“It is still a little bit of a work-in-progress.

But this is what we have found in other markets,” said Daniel Wigdor, who leads the research.

He added that other markets have used similar campaigns, but Apple was the only one to have a large-scale, well-targeted ad campaign.

Apple’s success is also a reminder that the industry is not immune to change.

The smartphone industry is still changing.

Consumers increasingly use mobile phones for work, and some companies have been experimenting with more flexible designs. 

Wigdor said Apple could have done better, but he noted that its ads helped convince more people to use its products.

“It’s been very successful,” he said.

Read moreApple and others say they have learned from their mistakes.

Apple has made a series of changes since buying the company, including hiring more people in the design and product teams and hiring more designers.

The company has also focused more on social media and video-sharing, and has started to integrate its own apps and services.

Apple said it also created new revenue streams from other businesses, such as advertising.

But the company is still battling with other mobile phone makers.

In January, Verizon’s CEO said he would retire if Apple doesn’t get into the mobile phone business by 2018. 

The Wall St Journal study is the first study to analyze how mobile phone ads have affected consumers’ decision-making.

It found that the car-wrap ads worked by giving consumers the impression that Apple is the leading brand and was worth more than competitors.

The ads also made people think that the company’s products were more useful, especially on a personal level.

A new study is expected to be released this fall that will look at how other advertising tactics are affecting consumers.

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