How to find out if your favourite football team is on the longs star list

It’s easy to see why football fans love longs stars: they’re one of the most recognisable names in the sport.

But are the long-serving stars who have been playing at club level for years really long-lasting?

Are the long standing legends of the game really that good?

For the BBC Sport long-term star advertisers, it’s a difficult question to answer.

It’s easy enough to spot long-time stars in the game, but it’s not always obvious who they are.

And that’s where the long running football long-list comes in.

This week we’re going to look at the long term star advertisers for all the long time footballers.

The shortlistFor the purposes of this piece, we’re only looking at long-standing players who have spent more than five years at a club.

So let’s get straight to the shortlist:1.

Chris Baird, Liverpool, 71 seasonsThe Liverpool legend’s time in Merseyside is often overlooked when it comes to long-running footballers, but the numbers bear him out.

Baird played more than a century for the Reds and scored more goals than anyone else in club history, eclipsing his Liverpool team-mate Luis Suárez.

He played in over 500 matches for the club and won six Premier League titles, a Champions League and three FA Cups.

But that’s just one side of the story.

The other side of his career is also worth mentioning.

In the 90s, the Liverpool legend enjoyed a successful playing career at Leeds United, before moving to West Ham.

His time at the club, however, was marred by injury, as he only made it into the team at the end of his 90s.

Despite this, he scored an impressive 22 goals in the Premier League, as well as winning the league with the Hammers.

His form dipped again when he joined Arsenal in 2001, but he continued to impress.

He was named in the FA’s Player of the Year for the 2003-04 season and was a key part of the Gunners title-winning squad.

Barely a week after moving to Arsenal, he signed a new long-lived contract in 2003 that would see him stay at the Emirates until 2020.

He would go on to win two FA Cups and three League Cups with the club.

In the years since, he’s never played for another Premier League side and even now, his name is rarely heard at Anfield.2.

Joe Cole, Liverpool FC, 78 seasonsA former Liverpool player himself, Cole was voted England’s player of the year in 2004 and helped Liverpool reach the Champions League final the following season.

But in the end, his form dipped in the early part of his Liverpool career, as his fitness problems started to mount.

In 2004, Cole signed a long-duration deal with Everton, where he was given the chance to play in the first team, despite being unable to play for the first time since his playing days at Liverpool.

He did, however play his part in a couple of key goals in 2005, helping the Blues to a Europa League final.

Cole has scored 27 goals in his career for Liverpool, but hasn’t scored more than four in any season since.

The injury that ended his Anfield career was also a problem for Cole, as it was his last year on Merseysides.

The Everton midfielder’s injury ended his Liverpool FC career in 2005.

The number of games Cole has played in his Liverpool time was lower than his previous six seasons at Anfield, with him averaging just under 25 appearances a season.3.

Ryan Giggs, Arsenal, 72 seasonsThe Arsenal legend has played for seven clubs since his retirement, and his playing career is far from over.

Giggs played in all the top five divisions of English football for the Gunns from 1999-2004, scoring 26 goals in those eight seasons.

He also won three League titles and two FA cups.

After his time at Arsenal, the Englishman returned to Merseysiding, where the club spent five seasons on the sidelines, before returning to the Premier Leagues for the last three seasons.

Despite playing in all but one Premier League season, the 28-year-old is still widely considered one of England’s great footballers: he scored 22 goals and assisted 11 more in his last nine matches for Arsenal.4.

Luis Sua, Manchester City, 78 yearsSua was one of football’s most consistent long-stay players in the 90-year period, and he has played at clubs across the world for almost 80 years.

In that time, the former Manchester United star has scored more league goals than any other player.

In 2014, he was named the player of an era in the BBC’s 100-year history of football.

Sua scored 17 league goals in 79 appearances for Manchester City in 2014-15, helping them to the title and a Champions Le