How do you promote a truck that’s worth $25m?

You may be familiar with the truck adage “buyer beware”.

The truck has been around since the 1950s and is the main way many truck companies market their vehicles.

The adage is a bit of a catch-all, and many trucks are more than a year old.

However, one of the things that distinguishes the newer trucks from the old is their ability to offer the same value as their older brethren.

Here are the three most popular truck adages.


The Truck Is Good For You – The classic truck ad campaign is a series of commercials featuring a car in a big-screen trailer and the slogan “If you like the car, buy this truck.”

This slogan has stuck since its introduction.

Today, it is almost synonymous with the concept of a trucker’s dream car.

The company behind the commercial says it has sold more than 100 million trailers.


You Can Trust The Truck – This adage has become a bit more mainstream, but it is not just a truck ad, but an important one.

Trucking is a big business, and the companies that own and operate the vehicles have a lot of control over how they are marketed.

If you buy a truck, it can be very important that the marketing message aligns with your needs and wants.


You Have The Time To Get Rid Of The Truck That’s Worth $25 Million – If you’re an avid trucker, you’ll probably be familiar the phrase “The truck is worth the money”.

The phrase has become one of advertising’s biggest selling points.

There are a lot more truck ads out there than the ones listed above, but the truck has become the mainstay.

A lot of these ads tell you how the truck will help you get around the city or help you save money in a tough economic time.

The reality is that trucks have always been expensive, and they often have a huge negative impact on the environment.

However in the past, it was very easy to spot these ads and be aware of them.

Now, it’s much more difficult to spot them.

But if you’re interested in getting a new truck, you should take a look at these five truck ad campaigns and find one that works for you.