Instagram ads are better than they used to be: Analyst

Analyst Alix Mittermeier, who focuses on advertising effectiveness, believes that Instagram ads have gotten better over the years.

She says that with the rise of social media and the rise in ad revenue, the ad effectiveness of Instagram ads has risen from around 85% to 85%.

“Instagram is no longer a place for cheap, fake content,” she said.

“You have to have some kind of value proposition.

You have to offer something that is unique, compelling and interesting.”

Mittermeier also said that Instagram is an example of a social media platform that has not been able to innovate on their own.

“It is difficult for a company to get into a space that they think is going to bring more value to their brand than the company is delivering,” she told Business Insider.

“There’s a lack of vision.”

Munch, however, thinks Instagram is a different story.

“Insta is the perfect place to start.

Instagram is not the place for creativity,” she added.

“The way I see it, Instagram has a huge amount of potential, but it’s going to take time for that to translate to real-world sales.

They have a lot of users. “

One thing that is a great feature of Instagram is that there is so much room for growth.

They have a lot of users.

They are a big platform, and it’s easy for them to get more followers and people to follow them.”

Mitzlowski, however.

doesn’t think Instagram is the place to be for creatives.

“They should be focused on monetizing the platform and the platform is going nowhere,” she argued.

“But they can do that by offering content that people are really excited about.

They can also continue to offer content that’s great for the people that are watching their videos.”

Mittlemeier believes that if Instagram does not start building a business around their content, it will become irrelevant in a few years.

“As a business, Instagram is going through some very difficult times right now,” she concluded.

“And that’s going be a good thing for Instagram, but not for us as consumers.

Instagram needs to figure out how to build its brand and product in the future.”

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