‘Hottest’ Australian of the year: The story of one Australian

In our countdown to the Australian of The Year, we look back at the year in the making.


Australia’s first-ever female prime minister, Julia Gillard, was crowned as the nation’s first woman prime minister on the first anniversary of her coronavirus diagnosis in 2015.


Nine years on, we still haven’t quite finished the job.


The first-time father of a child with a diagnosis of COVID-19 was the first person to receive the Australian Government’s highest honour, the Order of Australia.


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was awarded the Australian Medal of Freedom.


The last-minute arrival of the world’s most expensive aircraft made the Sydney Harbour Bridge a tourist destination for the first time.


And in the shadow of the Great Barrier Reef, a new wave of tourists flocked to a $200 million theme park built by Australia’s biggest private company, AECOM.


The country’s first female footballer, Heather Simons, became the first woman to play for a Premier’s Cup team in Australia’s history.


The federal government’s proposed carbon pricing scheme has been widely criticised as too expensive and ineffective.


And while the country is grappling with the fallout from the Paris climate agreement, the Government has begun to build a more cohesive strategy to tackle climate change and combat carbon emissions.


And just in case you missed it, the United States will join the rest of the G20 in the coming weeks and months to release its annual greenhouse gas emissions report.


And finally, we have an exciting new series of events in the lead up to the A-Day.


The latest in a series of high-profile events celebrating A-Days, including the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, the 50th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup, the 30th anniversary celebrations of Australia’s greatest sporting event, and the opening of the new A-Cycle facility at Hobart’s Port Botany.


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