‘Free’ ads on Google News and Facebook make money for advertisers

By Kate Brantley-FrischKate Brantle-Fristis and Andrew Siegel/Business InsiderGoogle is no stranger to offering ad revenue.

Its always been a key part of Google News, Google+, and Google+ Ads, but it’s now getting a new and interesting revenue stream: Free ad space on Google’s website and its social networks.

Google says it has over 1.5 million ads on its site, with more than 1 million in Google News alone.

So why is Google giving advertisers free ads on their websites?

According to a blog post published by Google today, the free ads feature has been rolled out to help advertisers monetize their posts in Google’s News and News Feeds.

The feature, which is available in Google Plus and Google News apps, allows advertisers to target ads based on keywords, content, and popularity on Google.

Advertisers can opt in to be able to advertise for free, and can choose to make their ads visible or invisible, according to the post.

Google isn’t saying how much it pays advertisers per click, but the company says that advertisers can earn $10 per click from their ads if they target at least 50% of Google users.

It also says that users can earn up to $100 per month per ad if they are a paid Google Plus user.

Google’s free ads appear to be the latest addition to the company’s social network advertising program.

The social network recently rolled out the Adwords feature that lets users advertise for a percentage of the price of ads shown on the Google News page.

Google’s free ad program is designed to allow companies to get a bit more exposure on the company search results.

The new ad-free feature appears to be designed to help marketers target their ads more effectively.

Advertisements on Google are currently visible to more than 100 million people per month, according a report from TechRadars.

So advertisers who wish to use the feature can opt-in to the program and see ads appear on their pages.

Google is also offering free ad space to Google Plus users.

In order to make free ads visible, users need to log in to the Google Plus app and tap the Ad settings icon.

From there, they can choose whether or not they want ads to appear on the front page of the app, or hidden.

The ad-blocking program is a part of the social network’s push to expand its reach on the internet, especially on mobile devices.

Adblock Plus, which allows users to opt-out of ads that violate its terms, was launched in 2014.