‘Lucky’ Aldi ad that gets millions of viewers and earns $25 million on Amazon

A 1950s ad for Aldi’s supermarket chain that shows a man walking in a field is one of millions of advertisements that get millions of views on YouTube.

The ad has racked up more than 100 million views and earned $25.2 million.

The campaign, titled “The Biggest in History,” features the men of the Aldi family in a scene from a children’s book.

The image is one that the company said had never been seen before.

Aldi spokesman Jason Fauci said the campaign has helped the company generate more than $6 billion in revenue and helped to create thousands of jobs in Australia.

The ads have been viewed more than 2.6 billion times.

The company said it would continue to use the images, which were created by a “professional artist” and “in partnership with the artists.”

It was not immediately clear how the ad was funded.