What’s New in Google’s Ads for Netflix?

Google’s new advertising platform, AdWords, has become a major player in the Indian Internet search market.

Now, it’s available in many Indian cities and states, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Google’s new AdWords service allows advertisers to target their ads to the Indian audience using Google’s AdWords platform, according to a blog post published by AdWords India on Wednesday.

The blog post is available here.

While Google is one of the biggest players in the search advertising market, Adwords is growing fast and is now available in nearly 100 Indian cities.

It’s one of Google’s best-known brands, but it has struggled to get into India, where its ads have largely been seen as spam.

In India, Google has become the primary advertising platform for many Indian companies.

Adwords allows users to buy ads on Google and its partners’ properties, as well as through third-party sites.

These third-parties charge users for the ads they buy.

Google has long had a strong presence in India, and now its new service allows Indian advertisers to use the platform.

This is an interesting development for AdWords because it brings AdWords into the mainstream of Indian Internet users.

Google says that advertisers will pay a per-ad purchase rate for their AdWords ads, and that users will get a link to a paid AdWords ad on their websites.

This means that users can easily target their Adwords ads to their own audience, and have access to a free, paid Adwords ad to reach their target audience.

Google is also offering a free service that gives users the ability to target and buy ads through the platform in India.

This service will be available from the beginning of April, Google says.

While AdWords has been available in India since 2014, it was only available in select cities.

This has resulted in limited adoption, with AdWords not being widely used in cities.

In the blog post, AdSettingsIndia, a company that helps advertisers target their campaigns in India said that its AdWords advertising is now in “the mainstream” in the country.

AdSettingsIndia is a Mumbai-based company that works with advertisers to set up their ads in India and other countries.

The company has more than 60 advertisers, including companies like Google, Facebook, eBay, Netflix and Samsung, according it.

AdSettings India is one among a number of Indian companies that have started offering AdWords to advertisers in the past few years.

Adwords is available in more than 150 Indian cities, according Google.