Why you’re not getting the BBC News app

News apps are getting the Google-owned Android app to have Google’s Google News app as its default news reader app.

Google is also letting publishers choose which apps they want to run as default, with News apps only getting access to the Google News website.

The Google News apps for iOS and Android have not yet been updated to support the new update.

News apps can also use Google’s Chrome browser for browsing and reading the app.

The Android apps are the latest to receive the update, although Apple has not yet released it for its own apps.

Google’s announcement follows an earlier announcement by Google on Thursday that it is introducing a feature that will allow apps to run in the background to speed up the browsing experience and speed up app downloads.

It’s not clear how much Google is charging for the feature, but the company said it’s in line with the “pay as you go” model.

The new Google News news app features a new look and a number of changes that were introduced to the current Google News for Android app.

Users will now see a new search bar next to their news stories, alongside the current search bar.

Google has also added a new section called “Featured” to the news app’s sidebar, which allows users to filter by location, topics, and more.

It also allows users the option to show a banner next to each news article in the news feed to make it easier to find the news.

Google also introduced a new tab called “More” to its News Feed app, which is a new option to display news stories with more content and features.

Google News also added the ability to add a photo to a news story, as well as embedding a video and/or sound file into a news article.

There are also some new features in the News app for iOS, including the ability for users to subscribe to multiple news sources and a new “News for You” section.

News for You can now display a news item in a list of all news items for a single news reader.

It can also display the last time a news source updated, and can also show a list if a news site has been updated recently.

Google will also let publishers choose what apps to use as default news apps.

The news app will also have the option of using the Google Cloud Storage for Google News service.

The cloud storage service lets publishers add content and manage subscriptions, including a new feature that allows publishers to automatically add the new Google news app to the default Google News sync app.