Fashion advertising in Hawaii: 1923

Posted February 05, 2019 06:24:24HONOLULU – The Honolulu Star advertiser in the 1920s has announced that it is ceasing its association with the Honolulu Star.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Honolulu Post reported that the company that owned the Honolulu Sun and Honolulu Star has decided to close its doors.

The Star has been a major sponsor of the Honolulu and Maui region since the 1920’s.

It has long been one of the most respected newspapers in Hawaii and was the newspaper that first covered the opening of the United States to the Pacific Ocean in 1867.

It had long been the paper’s goal to become a national newspaper.

It also had been known as the Honolulu newspaper until its purchase by The Times Co in 1946.

The Honolulu Star ceased operations on January 6, 2019.