What you need to know about the new ad campaign by Burger King and Taco Bell that will target the #blacklivesmatter movement

Burger King, Taco Bell, and AMC have teamed up to help push back against President Donald Trump’s continued attacks on Black Lives Matter.

Burger King’s new ad will feature a woman with a gun and a woman who is carrying a baby while saying “my baby” in English, as well as two white people walking through a neighborhood.

The ad is set to air on the network’s primetime and primetime repeats starting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

The Taco Bell ad is expected to debut on the same time period.

Burnden and co-founder Mikey Weinstein have a history of taking aim at the Black Lives Movement.

They launched the #BlackLivesMatter movement in 2015 to bring attention to the murders of two unarmed black men in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Ferguson, Missouri.

The hashtag garnered more than 1.5 million tweets as of February.

Burlington and co -founder Jeremy Burger are the original partners behind #BlackMatter, but have since changed their tune in the wake of Trump’s attacks.

Earlier this year, Burger King joined other fast food and fast-casual chains like Chipotle and Taco John’s to endorse the movement and make a series of videos addressing the issue.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Weinstein said the group’s goal is to reach “millions of Black Americans, who are looking for a solution and have seen that we have a problem and are trying to solve it.”

The new ad also stars a white woman holding a gun.

The woman is wearing a T-shirt that reads “No More Hate” and a pair of boots that read “I’ll Be Home For You.”

Burger’s latest move comes after he tweeted in February that he was “not the first Black person to think that the media should take Black Lives matter seriously.”

He also said that his tweet was meant to show “that there is a problem” with “police brutality,” and he later apologized for the tweet.

Burk, who founded and operates the company that makes the burrito chain’s famous Double Down Burger, has been a vocal critic of Trump, saying he is “not a good example of what a good president is.”

Burk said on CNN in March that Trump’s “hateful rhetoric” and the “war on minorities” are fueling the Black and Brown Lives Matter movement.