How to keep up with Hawaii advertising in 2017

Honolulu, Hawaii—The advertising season is in full swing for the Hawaiian Islands, and advertisers are hoping they’ll have more time to focus on their ad campaigns.

In January, the island was hit by the biggest ad buy in its history, with ad buy firm Adweek reporting that the island had sold $2.6 billion in ad space through March.

Adweek also reported that Hawaii was the most successful U.S. market in the ad buying market.

Advertisers are hoping for more time and resources in 2017, especially as the Hawaii legislature will take up an ad spending bill during its March 4 session.

Adweek’s Hawaii ad market research also found that Hawaii had the most advertisers and most spenders on digital media platforms.

Hawaiians spent $8.7 million on digital advertising in January, compared to $5.6 million in the rest of the country.

Hawaii’s ad market is expected to grow even more as the legislative session draws to a close.

Ads are being placed in grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail stores.

The islands largest grocery chain, Safeway, is in Hawaii and it’s planning to launch an ad campaign next year.

Advertising is also being conducted by a group of ad agencies based out of Honolulu, with companies such as McCann Erickson, Lighthouse Marketing, and CAC Advertising Group all advertising in the state.