Is cigarette advertising a problem?

The advertising industry is not alone in its concerns about cigarette advertising.

This is despite a significant reduction in smoking rates in Australia since cigarette advertising became legal in the 1990s.

However, the government’s tobacco control strategy has been to increase the use of electronic cigarettes, which are often marketed as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, but are actually much less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

The strategy has also been criticised for promoting tobacco control messages that are not supported by the scientific evidence.

Some of the tobacco control strategies that have been implemented in Australia include: banning the use and advertising of cigarettes in schools, health clinics and workplaces; and requiring all retailers to label tobacco products.

As well as the tobacco regulation strategy, the Federal Government has also undertaken a tobacco cessation strategy, including the introduction of new legislation in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

The Federal Government’s tobacco use prevention strategy will be rolled out in Australia in 2018.

This strategy will also have a focus on promoting healthier lifestyles.

However the Australian Council of Medical Royal Colleges has warned that there is a lack of evidence that electronic cigarettes will significantly reduce the number of people who smoke and there is also a lack