Former US ambassador to Israel to be paid $1 million salary

A former US ambassador will receive $1.5 million in compensation, including $100,000 in bonuses, from the Israeli government as part of the country’s compensation package to settle claims against the Trump administration, according to the American ambassador’s office.

The US ambassador, James E. Lovett, is to receive $50,000 for his “work on behalf of the State Department and other US Government agencies,” according to his office.

Lovell was a deputy to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a special envoy for peace and security, as well as the deputy secretary of state for Israel.

In return, the government has agreed to pay Lovell an additional $50 million for “related services.”

Lovett’s salary will be paid from the State Departments annual budget, according the American embassy.

The money is paid on a one-time basis, with a one percent increase in salary each year.

The payments are to be made on January 15, 2019, and the payments are not subject to the conditions of any other federal grants or contracts. 

According to the White House, the $50.5 billion package for peace will help support “the economic recovery and security of the people of Israel and the Palestinian people.”