‘You’ll be able to see us in the same room’: How Nike’s ‘The Last Dance’ ad will go viral

Nike has officially confirmed that it will be showing The Last Dance ad at this year’s Super Bowl.

The ad is the latest in a string of Nike ads which have been branded as ‘targeted advertising’.

It was revealed in January that the adverts would be featured on the big screen during the Super Bowl, and Nike is set to have a big week ahead.

Through the ad campaign, Nike is targeting fans and advertisers with a simple, engaging and engaging message.””

We’re excited to showcase the brand’s latest advertising strategy and also the power of social media, both in the Superbowl and beyond,” said Nike’s senior marketing manager, Sam Dutton.

“Through the ad campaign, Nike is targeting fans and advertisers with a simple, engaging and engaging message.”

The adverts will be featured in a number of places on the Supercup calendar.

The Last dancing is a series of videos by Nike which are shared on social media by fans of the brand.

This is where the Nike brand has put together its social media strategy.

The last dance will be seen at a time when Nike’s brand is facing a tough spot with a number-one spot at the 2017 World Cup.

“Nike has been one of the top brands on social, as well as on the sports landscape,” said Dutton in a statement.

“We’re seeing a huge rise in social engagement and engagement on our platforms and the last dance is a perfect example of this.”

Our social messaging strategy is driven by our fans and they tell us which brands they are most interested in and what they value most.

“Nike will be airing its adverts during Superbowl week in a bid to win over advertisers and fans.

In April, it launched the Nike+ program, which is a feature that allows fans to sign up to receive Nike+ offers, and will be used to share information and content with brands on behalf of their followers.

The Nike+ system is currently live in the US, Canada and Mexico, and is scheduled to launch in the UK on Thursday.”

You’ll see us all there, dancing, and there’s a whole lot of us,” said a happy-looking woman in a Nike+ ad.

The company also revealed last month that it was working with the NFL on a series that will see it play a part in the game, with a commercial in place.

This will be followed by an ad featuring the stars of the NFL’s official NFL social media network.