How to find a great ad agency in New York City using LinkedIn

Hacker News user michigan_girl wrote: I’m new to the area, so I’m trying to find the best ad agency for a company I’m considering.

My questions are: 1.

What do they charge?

Are they located near the office?

Are the ads shown on a screen?


How do I get in touch with them?


What’s the process for finding them?

Thank you for the help!

source Hacker Nicks article Hacker Nics user mike_klein wrote: How do you find the ideal ad agency?

I’m a freelance web designer, I’ve been working with ad agencies since my early days.

I’ve seen a lot of great agencies with great rates and great work ethic, but I want to find out if there’s anything I’m missing.

I’m curious to know how many people would recommend an agency that they have worked with before.

Thanks for the information!

source Blogging the Future article Hacker Nation user krystal_lucas wrote: Is it possible to get an ad agency to work for me in New England?

I’d love to work with a company that will provide me with a decent pay, and I know I’m not the only one.

How can I get the best of both worlds?

source Hacker Nation article Hacker nicks user gary_hank wrote: The best place to find agencies in New Jersey is, they have great rates.

They have an app that allows you to pay for an agency online.

I’d really like to get a quote from them to work on my project.

thanks for the info!

source Hubspot Hacker News reader brian_hind wrote: Thanks for your great tips on finding agencies that are based in New Hampshire.

The ad agencies you mentioned are located in the New England area, but there are others that are in the greater New York area.

I also have an idea how to get the ad agency that I am interested in to work there.

Is it feasible?

Thanks for all your help!

🙂 source HackerNicks article Hubspot hacker nicks reader krysta_luca wrote: Are there any ad agencies in the state of New York that you recommend?

I am looking for a good agency that will be good for my company, but not in New york.


source blogging the future Hacker Nation reader mike-michael-sullivan wrote: My question is about finding the best agency in NY.

I am a new client that has decided to do a large scale ad campaign for a web development company.

My question relates to finding an agency for this project that is located in a different area than the one where the ad campaign will be shown.

I know that I can get a good rate for an agent based on the agency’s location, but the other criteria are: Location, Location location location, Location, location location location.

Can I get an agency located in New Bedford, or in Brooklyn, or somewhere in the Bronx that will have a good salary?


🙂 Source HackerNics user kary_nelson wrote: Hi, Thanks for an interesting article, I am currently searching for the best advertising agency in NYC.

I want a good pay for a professional ad agency.

My queries are: What is the best agent to work out of?

Are there agency locations near my office?

Can I ask the agency directly to find an agency to help me with my project?

I also want to know about the process of finding an agent.

I would like to know more about how to start the process, such as how to contact an agency, etc. Thanks.

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks again!

source LinkedIn Hacker Nips user kashish_vijay wrote: Can you help me out with a query regarding an agency in Massachusetts that has great rates?


Thank you!

source TechCrunch Hacker News readers sarah_hacker_s wrote: Have you ever been to Boston?

I work in a large software company and my clients have all been clients in Boston.

I can usually find an agent in Boston for a reasonable fee, but what about a smaller company or a smaller agency that are located closer to my office, but don’t offer a similar service?

Is there an agent near my home or a few blocks away that can do a similar job for a less price?

Thanks so much for your time!

Thanks again.

Thanks, Amanda!

source Business Insider Hacker News writer gary wrote: Hey Amanda, I’m looking for an ad service that will pay me the right amount for an article or ad campaign.

I just received an email with my ad rates, which I think are correct, but they have a few details I want clarified.

My query is about the ad rates that they offer.

Is there any way